Day Program for Adults - Yesteryears

Yesteryears is a social adult day program offering frail, isolated, or memory-impaired seniors over 60 years of age structured, supervised activities in a warm, caring environment. This program brings greater quality to the life of the senior in addition to providing caregivers with a much-needed rest. Staff provides support for caregivers through this program, educational information, and referral to other community services. To view the current calendar of activities planned at our two social adult daycare locations, click here: 

Endwell (Wayne Street) Yesteryears monthly calendar

Binghamton (Isbell Street) Yesteryears monthly calendar

This program:

  • Offers the participants opportunities for socialization with peers.
  • Encourages participants to maintain their maximum level of independence.
  • Provides a variety of creative activities, including: music therapy, light exercise, stimulating discussions and sharing of memories. These are but a few activities that are part of our day.
  • Emphasizes supervision and a more structured environment than our Senior Centers.
  • Provides hot lunches daily through the Office for Aging Nutrition Program.
  • Offers nutritious snacks.
  • Encourages intergenerational visits (from children's day care programs and teen and pre-teen programs).
  • Makes available a hairdresser at scheduled times at the Isbell Street site.
  • Welcomes volunteers to come and give of their time by being a part of our program.

Limited door to door transportation is available within set geographical areas in both Binghamton and Endwell. Rider must have a BC Lift card.

Yesteryear volunteers are part of our devoted staff that may assist with games, exercises, reminiscing, and serving lunch. Come and visit and see how you can make a difference! We promise this experience will bring happiness into your life! (For more information, call 607.778.2946)

Prior to attending Yesteryears, each person will need to have an in-home assessment by the Office for Aging. Please call for an appointment, 607.778.2411.

Additional resources:

For further information, call Yesteryears at 607.778.2946.


"Dad didn't want to go to the first or second visit; but with the information that the program staff provided, we were able to get through the difficult beginning and now he loves it and attends three days a week."

"How can we ever repay them. Yesteryears gives Mom a lovely place to go and she is surrounded by loving and caring people. She is happy with her newfound friends and can't wait for the days that she goes."

"By attending Yesteryears, Mom has something meaningful in her life with her new friends. Thank you so much for this program; it has saved my life."

Yesteryears Adult Day Program: What to Expect

Mary's Frustration

Mary's discouragement was weighing heavy on her spirit. Her husband, Bud, suffered from dementia, and she grew anxious at the thought of leaving him home alone. Since she always had to be with him, Mary could not find time for friends, for getting her hair done, or for stealing a few minutes alone. Her stress was building and she constantly felt overwhelmed and burdened by her caregiving duties. Mary desperately needed time for herself.

Mary Learns of Yesteryears

One afternoon, while her daughter was visiting, Mary managed to slip out to get her hair done. While at the beauty shop, Mary overheard Ann talking about her caregiving. Ann explained that a couple of days a week she dropped her father at the Yesteryears Social Adult Day Care Program.

Mary asked Ann about her father. Ann said that while her father did not have dementia, he was socially isolated in that he lacked meaningful social contact with others. All of his friends had passed away over the last few years. Because he did not drive anymore, he could not get out on his own. And since Ann did not have time to take him places, he would have faced endless days of sitting home alone. Yesteryears provided him a place to go where he could spend time with others.

On Yesteryears' days, Ann drops her father off around 9:00 am, runs her errands, and gets her hair styled. She even joins friends for lunch once a week. She then picks her father up sometime between 3:00 and 4:00. Ann cheerfully described how much her father enjoys the activities and socializing with other men.

Mary nodded thoughtfully. She decided to find out more about the Yesteryears program.

Mary Takes the First Steps

Back at home, Mary called the Information and Assistance Line to get information on enrolling in Yesteryears. When she asked about enrolling Bud in the program, the resource line staff promised that a case manager would call her to schedule an appointment.

A few days later, a case manager visited Mary and Bud at home. The case manager conducted a free assessment to help determine the appropriate services for Mary and Bud. The case manager was confident that Yesteryears would be ideal for Bud.

After the assessment, Mary called Yesteryears to schedule a visit. She set up an appointment to meet with the program manager while Bud participated in some activities.

A couple days later Mary and Bud visited the Endwell site. She was touched by how content the clients looked. Mary noticed that the staff and volunteers appeared as happy as the elderly people they cared for.

Mary had a tour of the site and reviewed the activities on the schedule for the week. She was impressed; there did not seem to be a dull moment at Yesteryears. The staff encouraged Mary to leave Bud for the afternoon to see how he liked the program. She decided she would.

A Perfect Fit

Mary went back for Bud later that afternoon. His smile told her that he enjoyed himself. All the way home, Bud enthusiastically talked about meeting new people and doing fun and interesting activities. A wave of relief washed over Mary as she realized that the program was going to work out for both Bud and her. Now she could have some time to herself.

Bud is now attending Yesteryears three times a week and enjoys spending time with his new friends. Mary finds that she now has less frustration and stress and more patience with Bud. Both of their lives are better because of Yesteryears.