Internship FAQs

Do I Have To Be A Student To Have An Internship? No. Recent college graduates can apply along with high school, college, and graduate school students.

Are All Of The Broome County Government Internships Paid? No. Broome County Government does offer paid internships; however, internship compensation is at the discretion of the individual department.

What If I Need To Take An Internship For Credit? No problem! Many students earn credits from our internships. If you will be doing this internship for credit, please supply the department with the documents necessary to comply with your school's requirements.

Do I Need A Certain Major To Be Considered For An Internship? No. We are just as concerned with your skills, interests, and curiosity as we are with your major. Students are encouraged to select their internship with respect to their major(s) and career goals.

Do Internships Ever Turn Into Full-Time Jobs? Although possible, there is no guarantee that you will be hired once your internship ends. You will have to go through the necessary civil service steps for competitive employment.

Do I Have To Accept An Internship If One Is Offered? No. You are not obligated to accept an internship just because you receive an offer.

Once I Complete An Internship Is It Possible To Do Another Internship? Absolutely! Broome County Government has internship opportunities year-round. You are able to reapply for any internship in the future.

How Do I Get Paid For The Hours I Have Worked? All interns are considered hourly employees. Thus, time sheets must be filled out by the student and signed by your supervisor every two weeks.

Do I Get Paid For Overtime At My Internship? No. Interns are not allowed to exceed 37.5 hours every two weeks.

Do I Receive Paid Holiday Benefits During My Internship? No. As an intern with Broome County Government you are paid only for the hours you work. If the site is closed on a holiday you are not paid for that day.

What is the typical pay of an intern for Broome County Government? If the internship is paid you will be compensated according to your academic standing. (See Hourly Rate Schedule Below)

Hourly Rate Schedule
Non-Union, Temporary, Seasonal

Academic Standing Hourly Rate
Intern (High School) $14.20
Intern (College & Grad) $15.00
Intern (Legal) $15.25

The above information is adapted from the Broome County Salary Schedule. Please note the stated rates are as of 1/1/2023..