Assessment and Tax Rolls


All real property tax exemptions are administered at the local level. Please contact your town assessor.

2023 Final Assessment Rolls

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City of Binghamton

Town of Binghamton

Town of Barker

Town of Chenango

Town of Colesville

Town of Conklin

Town of Deposit

Town of Dickinson

Town of Fenton

Town of Kirkwood

Town of Lisle

Town of Maine

Town of Nanticoke

Town of Sanford

Town of Triangle

Town of Union

Town of Vestal 

Town of Windsor

Tax Mapping

The tax mapping division of the RPTS maintains the tax maps for the 16 towns and 7 villages in the County of Broome. Tax maps and updates are provided to the local assessors' offices and are available for examination and inspection at the RPTS office. Updates to the maps are processed on a continual basis. Copies of these maps are available at a minimal charge through the Planning Department.