Administrative Services

Central Security Desk

Maintain a public security presence at the main office. Manage all telephone traffic; monitor security cameras and dispatch officers to alarm locations as necessary; manage radio dispatch of patrol and duty station officers; assist in production of identification cards; computer entry and file maintenance as required.


This unit is responsible for the implementation of countywide key control through the use of intelligent keys, proprietary keyways and specialized applications.


The unit is responsible for developing access standards and parameters and management of the database to support the countywide card access system and the issuance and retrieval of access cards.

County Identification Card System

This unit is responsible for issuing Broome County identification cards, both access and non-access, to the employees and clients of the County.


The unit maintains all parking records, including permissions, access, revenue, and the waiting list. Performs routine parking patrols.


Conducting personnel background information investigations and evaluating the information pursuant to the County's Pre-employment Screening Project.

Internal Investigations

This unit under the direction of the Director of Security performs internal investigations.


The unit is responsible for the security of the common areas and tri-partite (state, county, city) controlled parking facility at the Government Complex. Patrols conducted at varying intervals during working hours, including video surveillance monitoring.


Officers ensure the security incident reports are properly entered in the computer database. Officer is responsible for record storage and retrieval.


This unit is responsible for the proper handling and storage of all evidence, including marking and control.

Lost & Found

Maintains records of lost and found items; attempts to discern ownership and make the necessary contact.

Safe Keeping

Maintains storage and related records of all items entrusted to Security Division for safe keeping.

Supplies & Equipment

Acts as Quartermaster for the division. Responsible for the ordering and issuance of all uniforms, weapons, and duty supplies to all Security personnel and the maintenance of appropriate records. Responsible for maintenance and procurement of items necessary for the operation of the Division.


Complete the confidential transfer of funds and documents from various County facilities.


This unit is responsible for organizing and conducting the annual NYS Peace Officer Academy, as approved by the State of New York Division of Criminal Justice Services. Also responsible for the scheduling of annual in-service training, both mandated and optional, of all Division officers.
This unit also is charged with seeking out and securing training opportunities for Division personnel that aid and assist the individual in his or her job performance and enhance career growth, and benefit the Division and the County.