Uniformed Security Operations

This unit is responsible for management of the in-house uniformed security force, the planning of operations, and evaluating the efficiency of manpower expenditures. Uniformed security service and personnel are stationed at, or patrol, County facilities and events to include:

  • Binghamton (Broome County) Regional Airport & Transportation Department
  • Binghamton DMV at Greater Binghamton Regional Transportation Center 
  • Broome County Library
  • Broome County Office Building
  • Broome County Public Works & Parks Department
  • Department of Social Services & Mental Health
  • Endicott (Broome County) Department of Motor Vehicles
  • Greater Binghamton Regional Transportation Center
  • Health Department
  • Willow Point Nursing Home
  • Special Events

Whether supplying Emergency Medical Technicians (Security Medical Team) at special events or responding to requests for protective service, security personnel provide diverse functions in assisting County Departments in completing their missions. For questions regarding security operations call the Broome County Government Security Division at 607.778.2107.