Home Energy Assistance Program

*Please see below for updated HEAP income guidelines

The Home Energy Assistance Program (HEAP) can help you meet the costs of home heating with a one-time grant each year if you are an income-eligible homeowner or renter. Regular HEAP is scheduled to open on November 1, 2023 and end on March 15, 2024, or when funds are exhausted. 

Office for Aging staff processes your regular HEAP application if you are:
o    age 60 or older, or
o    If you receive permanent disability income: Supplemental Security Income (SSI) or Social Security Disability (SSD)
o    Those who receive SNAP (Food Stamps) and Temporary Assistance (TA) may receive their HEAP benefits automatically and should check with the Career & Community Services Center of Broome County on their HEAP status.

Monthly income guidelines are based on your household size:
o    1-person household: $3,035
o    2-person household: $3,970
o    3-person household: $4,904
o    4-person household: $5,838
o    5-person household: $6,772

The benefit for your household is based on:
o    Your household income
o    The type of heat in your home
o    Whether you pay for heat directly or if it is included in your rent

•    For more information or to request an application from the Office for Aging, call the HEAP unit at 607.778.2063.
•    HEAP guidelines and application procedures may change from year to year. There is a new application to use in 2023/2024 season so please discard any older applications you may have.

Other important dates and information:

- Applications for regular HEAP for those under age 60 and not disabled, emergency HEAP, and the Summer Cooling Program are processed by the Career & Community Services Center of Broome County (DSS). To apply for a regular HEAP benefit, call 607-778-1100 (option 6) after November 1st, 2023 

- You can apply online for HEAP by visiting www.mybenefits.ny.gov 

- Emergency HEAP will open on January 2, 2024 and is scheduled to end on August 30, 2024 or when funds are exhausted. To apply when the program is open, please call the Career & Community Services Center of Broome County (DSS) at 607.778.1100 (option 6). 

- The HEAP Summer Cooling Program opened on April 15th,  2024 and is scheduled to close on August 31, 2024, or when funds are exhausted. 

- More information about HEAP can be found on the New York State website: www.otda.ny.gov/programs/heap. You may also print an application at home from the website when the HEAP season is open. 

- Please note: all program closing dates listed are anticipated, and program dates may be shortened or extended based on available funding.

Other energy programs:

HEAP Clean and Tune (C & T) - This benefit is designed for the cleaning and tuning of an eligible household's primary heating equipment. HEAP eligibility guidelines apply and the Department of Social Services (DSS) takes applications for this program. For more information call: 607.778.1100

Heating Equipment Repair and Replacement (HERR) - This benefit is available to assist homeowners in repairing or replacing primary heating equipment when the equipment is inoperable or unsafe and is in need of repair/replacement. Eligibility guidelines apply and the Department of Social Services takes applications for this program. For more information call: 607.778.1100

NYSEG Energy Assistance Program (EAP) - The EAP helps eligible customers gain control of energy bills, pay off past due amounts owed and stay current with future bills. There is the EAP Monthly Bill Credit Benefit and the EAP Limited Benefit Arrears Forgiveness. For more information or to enroll, go to https://www.nyseg.com or call NYSEG at 800.572.1111


Other resources for energy savings:

Tioga Opportunities - Weatherization Assistance Program (WAP) agency for Broome and Tioga counties. Free weatherization services for HEAP eligible homeowners. Visit: www.Tiogaopp.org or call: 607.687.0944 (Toll-free: 1.877.786.2419). 

New York State Energy Research and Development (NYSERDA) - No cost energy efficiency services for income qualified households. Visit: www.nyserda.org or call: 1.800.263.0960

New York State Public Service Commission Consumer Website - Consumer protections, assistance programs, tips on utility service, how to shop for utility services, telephone lifeline service, energy tax credits. Visit: https://dps.ny.gov/ask-psc 

Home Energy Assistance Program (HEAP): What to Expect


With fall here, Alice and Tom began worrying about rising heating costs. They had saved some money to pay for their heat this winter. However, after Alice's recent illness, that money was gone. With no savings, they were afraid of having to choose between buying medications and paying for heat.

Alice had contacted the Office for Aging Information and Assistance Line during her illness. She decided to call again about heating assistance and dialed 607.778.2411. The Information and Assistance Line connected her with a HEAP staff person.

The staff asked Alice about her and Tom's annual income. “Good news,” she said. Their combined income was within the guideline to apply for HEAP. The HEAP staff offered to mail them an application. Alice worried about filling out the application correctly, but the staff assured her that she could call with any questions. Alice left her name and address for an application to be mailed to her.

The HEAP application arrived a couple of days later. It was much easier than they expected. Since Alice's illness made going out difficult, they were relieved that they did not have to apply in person. After completing and signing the application, they mailed it to the address on the form.


A few months later, Alice and Tom learned that they were going to receive a credit on their fuel bill to help with their winter heating costs.

Tom told his friend Bill about HEAP. Bill's hours were cut at work and he had been unable to find another job to supplement his Social Security. He worried about paying for his next oil delivery. Bill left his name and number on the HEAP voicemail. He later learned that he also qualified to receive a HEAP benefit.


With Alice fully recovered in the spring, she and Tom looked back on winter. Thanks to HEAP, their home stayed warm. Being able to pay their heating bills provided them with peace of mind.


Alice and Tom put aside some money for the next winter. However, they knew they could apply for HEAP again this year. Since they received HEAP last season, an application arrived in the mail in late summer for the upcoming heating season. They filled it out and felt confident they could survive the winter.