There are many housing options available to seniors in Broome County. It is important to consider the differences among the various housing options in order to find the best place to meet your needs. If you are thinking about moving to senior housing, consider applying at multiple senior housing facilities as waiting lists can range from a couple of months to several years. Many senior housing buildings also require a credit and criminal background check.

Please consider the following information when choosing your future home:

  • Independent Living options include senior housing and private community apartments. These options are best suited for seniors who require minimal or no extra assistance. If available, supportive services such as meals or housekeeping may require a separate payment in addition to the monthly rental fee.

Independent living options may be subsidized and unsubsidized. Subsidized housing offers financial aid in the form of a subsidy to help provide affordable housing. Unsubsidized housing does not offer financial assistance and tenants pay full rent.

For more information about senior housing apartments, please review our income based Senior Housing Guidebook. For a listing of available private community apartments please explore your local newspaper, online resources such as Craigslist or contact a real estate agent. You can also review our Apartment Housing Guide listing unsubsidized housing options. 

  • There are multiple Supportive Housing options available in Broome County. These include Family Type Homes for Adults, Family Homes for the Elderly and Adult Homes. For more information explore the following material: Supportive Housing Options.
  • Available Long Term Care facilities include nursing homes and other assisted living options. For more information explore the following publication:Long Term Care Facilities.
  • To explore programs available to homeowners in need of weatherization, major and minor repairs including furnace repair/replacement, and electric conservation upgrades, review our Weatherization Guidebook.
  • A good source of information and options for those living in rural areas is the USDA Rural Development webpage: http://www.rd.usda.gov/ny
  • If you need help with moving please consider hiring a moving company (refer to Yellow Pages) or hiring help through Senior Helpers. You can also call Broome County Office for Aging to get information about other resources to assist with moving.
  • Review this guide to learn about smart ways to make a home comfortable, safe, and a great fit for older adults: AARP Home Fit Guide