Media Releases - Archive

New Year 12.27.2022

Christmas 12.20.2022

Thanksgiving 11.21.2022

Veterans Day 11.7.2022

Columbus Day 10.3.2022

Kirkwood Passport Fair 9.16.2022

Labor Day 9.2.2022

Chenango Passport Fair MR 8.18.2022

WP DMV 8.15.2022

Windsor Passport Fair 7.12.2022

Juneteenth 6.13.2022

Satellite DMV 6.2.2022

Early Closing 5.25.2022

Memorial Day 5.23.2022

Mothers Day 5.2.2022

Flag Raising 4.14.2022

Easter 4.11.2022

Lincoln Birthday 2.3.2022

MLKJr Day 1.7.2022

DMV New Years Day 12.27.2021

DMV Thanksgiving 11.16.2021

DMV Veterans Day 11.6.2021

DMV Labor Day 8.30.2021

Colesville Passport Fair 7.14.2021

Fenton Passport Fair 6.22.2021

Harpursville DMV update 6.14.2021

DMV updates 5.25.2021

Flag Raising 4.16.2021

Donate Life 4.1.2021

MLK Jr 1.8.2021

Xmas and NY 2020

DMV Columbus Day Day 10.02.2020

DMV Appointments 9.11.2020

DMV Labor Day 8.26.2020

DMV Appointments 7.19.2020

DMV Fourth of July 6.29.2020

DMV Reopen 6.12.2020

Corona Virus Update 5.14.2020

DMV Transactions Mail 4.30.2020

Corona Virus Update 3.18.2020

Corona Virus Update 3.17.2020

Corona Virus Update 3.16.2020

County Clerk Stands Against New Fees

DMV Green Light Law (December 2019)

County Clerk calls to increase County DMV Revence Share

January 2020 Passport Fair at Seton High School

November 2019 Passport Fair at Vestal High School

October 2019 Passport Fair at Windsor High School

September 2019 Passport Fair with Seton Catholic Central (September 2019)

County Clerk opposes proposal for new license plates (August 2019)

County Clerk opposes new unfunded mandate that would impact new home buyers (August 2019)

County Clerk Announces a Fraud Alert (August 2019)

County Clerk Announces Gift Card Promotion with Michelangelo's (August 2019).pdf

County Clerk Announces Contest for Drop Box Initiative (August 2019)

May 2019 Passport Fair with AAA (May 2019)

April 2019 Passport Fair with the Town of Union (April 2019)

Guest Viewpoint on DMV fees (March 2019)

County Clerk Announces Multilingual Passport Information (February 2019)

County Clerk's Office Takes Action Against Predatory Lenders (January 2019) 

E-ZPasses now available at Binghamton and Endicott DMV Offices (January 2019)

Reminder to use local DMV services (December 2018)

County Clerk's Office Awarded Local Government Efficiency Grant (December 2018)

December 2018 Passport Fair with Seton Catholic Central (November 2018)

November 2018 Passport Fair with Broome-Tioga BOCES (November 2018)

E-ZPasses now available at the Broome County Clerk's Office (October 2018)

Additional DMV 'drop box' in the First Ward (September 2018)

Additional DMV 'drop box' in Johnson City (August 2018)

Correction to AP story about REAL ID (July 2018)

New rural and suburban DMV 'drop boxes' (June 2018)

May 2018 Passport Fair with the Town of Union (May 2018)

County Clerk Announces a Fraud Alert (February 2018)