Temporary Assistance

Temporary assistance is the cash component of the Assistance Programs. Consumers receive a cash benefit either paid to them or to a vendor to pay for specific household needs. Household composition, resources, and income levels will affect the amount of the shelter, heat, utility and other payments made for eligible families and individuals. 

Contact Number:  607.778.1100     Fax:  607.778.3007

 Pub. 5194 pdf. Know Your Resources: Non-Parent Caregiver Benefits  

If you are a non parent caregiver for a minor child, you may also be eligible for cash assistance.  Find more information at this link: Non-Parent (Kinship) Caregiver Assistance.

NYS Kinship Navigator provides information, advocacy and community referrals for resources to those who are raising someone else's child. The link to NYS Kinship Navigator is: www.nysnavigator.org



If you have a question regarding your benefits or would like to contact a local Temporary Assistance (TA) representative, you may call us at