Clean Sweep Program Completes 100+ Projects

(TOWN OF CHENANGO) Broome County Executive Jason Garnar, Broome County Commissioner of the Department Social Services Nancy Williams, Town of Chenango Supervisor Jo Anne Klenovic, and Clean Sweep Job Coach John Mitchell came together Wednesday to highlight the success of the County’s Clean Sweep Program.

The mission of the Clean Sweep Program is to address the needs of neighborhoods throughout Broome County with a community service project utilizing public assistance recipients. By being involved in Clean Sweep participants are able to increase pride in themselves by being a member of a team that contributes to the betterment of the community.

“This program was designed to get people who are able to work, to work and we are thrilled to be here highlighting its success,” said Broome County Executive Jason Garnar. “Our Job Coach John Mitchell has done a fantastic job helping spearhead this program and this is another step to help provide people with the skills that they need to fill open jobs in Broome County.”

Clean Sweep works with not for profit agencies, government facilities in Broome County, and municipalities to provide a supervised Clean Sweep crew to help complete small projects. Those projects range from cleaning river banks, parade clean up, street cleaning, assisting agencies and directors with clean up after golf tournaments, helping beautify parks, minor public area clean up, community garden clean up, pruning trees, to flood clean up.

Organizations they have partnered with include VINES, the Broome County Urban League, the Village of Port Dickinson, the LG&T Tennis Challenger, and the Broome County Public Library.

Under the leadership of Job Coach John Mitchell, program participants have worked on more than 100 projects across Broome County. Mitchell is a veteran who retired as a Senior Master Sergeant in the Air Force and spent many years working for Lockheed Martin before becoming involved with Clean Sweep.

Many of the Clean Sweep Program participants have gone on to participate in the Broome-Tioga Workforce Opportunity Impact Program, graduating and starting full time jobs.  

Publish Date
August 14, 2019