Targeted Outreach Happening Regarding COVID-19 Pandemic EBT Food Benefits

(BROOME COUNTY, NY) The Broome County Department of Social Services wants to alert families to a targeted outreach effort by the New York State Office of Temporary and Disability Assistance (OTDA) intended to increase the redemption rates of Pandemic Electronic Benefit Transfer (P-EBT) food benefits among certain Medicaid households with children who received the benefits.

On Monday, November 30th, OTDA sent text messages to approximately 96,000 households of children whose P-EBT food benefits were issued onto the Medicaid Common Benefit Identification Card (CBIC) of either the parent/guardian or oldest child in the Medicaid-only household (P-EBT “Group 2” households), and who have not yet redeemed any P-EBT food benefits. 

The text message was sent to households which have not redeemed benefits and for which OTDA has a working cell phone number. The text message reminds them that their P-EBT food benefits are still available and will provide a link to a webpage with resources to assist them in creating a PIN for the CBIC linked to the P-EBT account.  

The text message was sent from 877-452-0098 and reads as follows:

Your child has been issued P-EBT food benefits that have not been accessed. Visit for info on how to access these benefits.      

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Publish Date
December 1, 2020