Need a Recycling Bin?


To replace or receive a new 22-gallon rectangular curbside recycling bin, please contact your private or municipal hauler.  Below is a list of municipality contact numbers.  Please contact your private hauler directly. 

For a larger 32-gallon bin, please visit the landfill. The 32-gallon bins are only available at the landfill. One free 32-gallon round bin per Broome County household.  Additional 32-gallon bins may be purchased for a nominal fee.  Call 607.778.2250 for more information.

Municipal Haulers:

  • City of Binghamton - 607.772.7020
  • Johnson City - 607.797.3031
  • Village of Endicott - 607.757.2429
  • Town of Union - 607.786.2980


Multiple 22-gallon square bins are available if needed by request only. Currently the 32-gallon bins are only available to households. Please contact the Broome County Division of Solid Waste at 607.778.2250.

Apartment Bins

Apartments bins are designed to be smaller for an easier way to store recycling in an apartment before transferring the material to a larger curbside bin within the complex. They are not intended for outdoor use. These bins can be requested in bulk by landlords, or individually by tenants. One free 6-gallon bin per unit within Broome County. Demographic information will be requested before pickup. To receive a new 6-gallon apartment recycling bin, please contact us at 607.778.2250 or