Broome County Recycling Program Basics

These examples and rules also apply to the recycling drop off at the Broome County Landfill.


  • Newspaper, magazines, catalogs, junk mail, manila folders, envelopes, brown paper bags
  • White, colored notebook and fax paper
  • Soft and hardcover books 
  • Wrapping paper (non-metallic)

No Metallic paper, receipts, tissues, napkins, paper towels, paper cups, paper plates or paper egg cartons.


  • All Cardboard Boxes
  • Pizza boxes (not too greasy or with food on them)
  • Corrugated boxes (wavy middle layer)
  • Single-layer cardboard (cereal boxes) 

No wax-covered cardboard (can scrape off wax with your fingernail), mold-covered or food contaminated material.


  • Milk and juice cartons


  • Clear, brown and green (jars and bottles only)

No window-pane glass, mirrors, ceramics, plates, cups or light bulbs.


  • Beverage containers (no liquid left in the container)
  • Food containers (rinsed and cleaned) (peanut butter jars, ketchup, mayo containers, etc.) 
  • Detergent, Shampoo containers, etc.
  • Thick, plastic flowerpots (no soil)   
  • Small plastic totes   
  • Small plastic wastebaskets   
  • Plastic reusable bottles   
  • Plastic reusable food storage containers (no food or liquid left in the container)

No plastic bags*, plastic film*, Styrofoam, packing foam, packing peanuts, automotive fluid containers, small appliances, utensils and plates.

*Plastic bags and plastic film can be recycled through bag recycling programs at store locations.


  • Tin and steel food and beverage cans (no food or liquid left in the container)
  • Aluminum pans, cans and clean foil
  • Metal pots, pans and bowls

No utensils, hangers, wire, cords or scrap metal.