Corrections Division

The Broome County Sheriff's Corrections Division is currently operating a 536 bed direct supervision correctional facility in the Town of Dickinson. The facility, which opened in 1996, has received accreditation awards by the NYS Commission of Correction, NYS Sheriff's Association and the National Commission on Correctional Health Care. The Sheriff’s facility was the second facility in New York State to attain this recognition.

In 2015 the facility went go through a 6.8 million dollar expansion project, which included conversion of old unused interior exercise space and construction of a new state of the art medical unit.

The Division continues to monitors gang membership and activities in the facility to ensure a safer working environment for staff and safer custodial environment for other inmates.

Regular discharge planning meetings are conducted with Mental Health, BOCES, Jail Medical and Council of Churches staff to assist released inmates to successfully assimilate back into the law-abiding community.

The facility uses double celling, to eliminate the need to board out inmates and maintain state-ready and federal inmate revenues. The use of double bunking resulted in significant cost savings for taxpayers since its inception in 1999.

The Division cooperates with the Broome County Health Dept. to provide screening and treatment to jail inmates for sexually transmitted and contagious diseases in order to protect the public upon the inmate's release. This program provides for a successful transition back into the community and ensures follow up by a community service provider.

The Division acts as the training hub for surrounding counties. The Corrections Training Academy offers basic, supervisory, executive and defensive tactic specialty courses for members of the BCSO and surrounding agencies. Our academy staff is recognized for it's strong community recruitment, working hard to establish transitional programs from local institutions of higher learning directly into local employment opportunities.

The Weekender Work program, developed in 1992, has provided many benefits to the citizens of Broome County. The initial intention of the program was to provide free labor to municipal governments and tax-exempt organizations in the county, while at the same time, free up jail beds for use by offenders who needed to be incarcerated. One of the major benefits of the program has been the roadside cleanup assignment. In the past several years, numerous tons of garbage has been removed from Broome County roadsides. This program continues to contributing to the sanitation and beauty of the County.

Work projects included yearly setup and clean up for Broome Counties First Night Celebration, Returning Warrior 10-miler, Chris Thater memorial race and county auction. The program has continued weekly cleaning of the Veterans Memorial Arena, and assisting in the National Riverbank Cleanup days. The inmates also participate in the county emergency disaster drills as mock victims.

The utilization of inmates in these projects supports the position of the Corrections Division of the Office of the Sheriff that prisoners have a responsibility beyond incarceration, they have a responsibility to make amends and contribute in a positive way to the community. The Corrections Division of the Office of the Sheriff continues to make efforts to meet this objective.


(** Note - Visitation is still currently closed due to COVID 19 precautions **)

Address for Inmate Correspondence

(Inmate's Name)
Broome County Sheriff's Correctional Facility
P.O. Box 2047
Binghamton, NY 13902-2047

Commissary Deposit: or call (866) 394-0490

Inmate Telephone:  GTL (866) 230-7761