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Broome County Sheriff's Law Enforcement Academy



The Broome County Law Enforcement Academy provides state-mandated training for 40 law enforcement agencies in 7 counties. This area is the zone 6 training area for New York State. Along with providing zone training the academy provides in-service training for the sheriff's office and provides national training classes.  The Broome County Sheriff's Law Enforcement Academy is host to several in-service and required training courses.  

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2012 Basic Course for Police Officers Recruits-Police Week Memorial

Emergency Vehicle Operators Course

Helpful forms and videos:

Physical Fitness Screening Test & Release Form

Basic Course for Police OfficersBasic Course for Police Officers is offered as a direct enrollment by police agencies only, no self-sponsorship is accepted.  

Police CoursesIf you are from another police agency and wish to see what future courses are being offered, please contact:

**Questions can be directed to Sgt. Jan Cower, at 607-778-8726 or

(Include:  Agency name, contact name, and phone number.) 

Internships - The Broome County Sheriff's Office accepts applications for non-paid internships in the Law Enforcement and Corrections Division.  Please refer to the dates listed below for guidance on the application periods.

Winter Internships (November to February) Apply:  Sept. 1st - Oct. 31st
Spring Internships (March to June) Apply:  Jan. 1st - Feb. 28th
Summer Internships (July to October) Apply: May 1st - June 30th