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Not all arrests or investigations are posted on this page.  Anyone charged with a crime is considered innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.  For reference:  

New York State Penal Laws

New York State Vehicle & Traffic Laws

Broome County Local Laws

Broome County Charter


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2024 News Releases

6-21-24 - BCSO Weekly Arrest Blotter

6-21-24 - Broome County Leaders Announce Activation of BCSO Strategic Response Group

6-17-24 - Marathon Man Facing Sexual Abuse Charges

6-14-24 - PHOTOS: 21 New Officers Graduate from Broome County Sheriff’s Corrections Academy

6-12-24 - ATTEMPT TO IDENTIFY: Sheriff’s Office Seeks Community’s Help in Criminal Mischief Investigation in the Town of Chenango

6-12-24 - Welcoming K9 Cash to the BCSO Family

6-10-24 - Update on June 8th Multi-Vehicle Accident in the Town of Fenton

6-7-24 - Victims Identified in Fatal Multi-Vehicle Accident in the Town of Fenton

6-7-24 - Fatal Multi-Vehicle Accident in the Town of Fenton Under Investigation

6-5-24 - BCSO Weekly Arrest Blotter

5-30-24 - Correctional Facility Nurse Charged with Theft of Pain Pills

5-28-24 - BCSO Investigating Maine Endwell School Threat

5-23-24 - Captured - BCSO Wanted Fugitive Arrested in Chenango Forks

5-21-24 - First Opvee Deployment Saves Life in Town of Maine - Suspected Overdose Victim Regains Consciousness in 45 Seconds

5-20-24 - BCSO Weekly Arrest Blotter

5-14-24 - Broome County Sheriff’s Office Receives $834,118 Law Enforcement Technology Grant

5-13-24 - Kirkwood Man Charged with Multiple Robberies After Pursuit and Capture

5-12-24 - Guest Viewpoint by Sheriff Fred Akshar - National Police Week a chance for reflection, support

5-10-24 - Felony Drug Charges for Methamphetamine and Other Drugs Following SIU Investigation in Endicott

5-10-24 - Broome Sheriff Updates Community on Latest Round of Targeted Enforcement

5-8-24 - Binghamton Man Faces 14 Felony Charges Following Forged Check Cashing Spree

5-6-24 - Attempt to Identify - Larceny in the Town of Conklin

5-3-24 - Scammer Arrested After Stealing $36,000

4-29-24 - Firearm and Drug Charges in the Town of Windsor

4-25-24 - BCSO Weekly Arrest Blotter

4-24-24 - DEA Drug Take Back Day Hosted by Broome County Sheriff's Office and Broome Health Department

4-23-24 - Town of Union Man Charged with Felony After Destroying Chair and Door Handle While in Custody on a Separate Charge

4-23-24 - Attempt to Identify - Larceny in the Town of Union

4-22-24 - Broome Sheriff Introduces New Fentanyl Fighter Pilot Program to Help Save Lives (Announcement Slides)

4-20-24 - Over a dozen arrested at 4th annual “Smoke Weed Outside the Binghamton Police Station” event

4-19-24 - BCSO Weekly Arrest Blotter

4-16-24 - Attempt to Identify - Burglaries in the Town of Sanford

4-12-24 - Town of Maine Man Charged with 4 Counts of Sexual Abuse

4-11-24 - Colesville Man Charged after Attempting to Set Gas Station Employee on Fire

4-10-24 - Attempt to Identify - Grand Larceny Suspect in Town of Chenango

4-10-24 - Captured - Wanted Sex Offender Arrested in Pennsylvania

4.5.24 - Vestal Man Charged with Soliciting Minor for Sexual Performance

4-2-24 -Town of Chenango Man Remains in Custody Following Third Arrest on Felony Drug Charges This Year

3-29-24 - Weekly Arrest Blotter

3-28-24 - Man Charged with Felony Weapon and Drug Possession Following Domestic Incident in the Town of Chenango

3-26-24 - Felony Possession of a Firearm, Child Endangerment and Drug Possession Charges in the Town of Chenango

3-25-24 - Undocumented Asylum-Seeker Charged with Felony Burglary in Town of Union

3-19-24 - Weekly Arrest Blotter

3-13-24 - Man Charged with Grand Larceny Unlawful Fleeing and More after Stealing Uber in Dickinson

3-7-24 - Weekly Arrest Blotter

3-7-24 - Attempt to Identify - Fraudulent Check Cashing Attempt

3-7-24 -Traffic Stop Leads to Multiple Felony Drug Charges

3-6-24 - Correctional Facility Searches by K-9 Marley and Corrections Investigations Team Lead to Felony Drug and Contraband Charges

3-5-24 - Free Sheriff’s Summer Camp Applications Due April 1st

2-29-24 - Wanted Broome County Fugitives Arrested in Owego and Orlando

2-29-24 - Weekly Arrest Blotter

2-29-24 - Sheriff’s Office and Town of Fenton Remind Residents Road Closures Ahead of Hillcrest St. Patrick’s Day Parade

2-29-24 - Recognizing Undersheriff Sammy L. Davis - A Lifelong Educator and Leader

2-27-24 - Sheriff’s Office Partners with SUNY Broome to Bring “Life Skills” Course to Broome County Correctional Facility

2-15-24 - Update on Port Dickinson Shots Fired Investigation

2-15-24 - Otsiningo Park Visitors Warned to Protect Valuables in Vehicles Following Several Break-ins and Thefts

2-14-24 - 15-year-old Minor Faces Multiple Felony Charges Following Multi-Vehicle Accident in the Town of Chenango

2-13-24 - Weekly Arrest Blotter

2-12-24 - Johnson City Man Charged After Dispute with Hatchet at Starbucks 

2-11-24 - Guest Viewpoint by Sheriff Akshar - Community Partnerships Help Prevent Domestic Tragedies and Save Lives

2-9-24 - Multi-Vehicle Accident in the Town of Chenango Under Investigation

2-8-24 - Port Crane Man Charged with DWI and Resisting Arrest in the Town of Colesville

2-6-24 - Weekly Arrest Blotter

2-6-24 - Port Crane Woman Charged with DWI after Car-Tractor Trailer Accident on Route 17 in Town of Union

2-5-24 - Incarcerated Man Charged with Promoting Contraband after Investigation Uncovers Hidden “Shank” in Cell

2-1-24 - Three Murder Suspects Taken into Custody by Joint Police Operation in Endicott

1-30-24 - Colesville Man Arrested for Domestic Abuse Violates Order of Protection After Arrest from Inside Broome County Correctional Facility

1-30-24 - Stolen Vehicle Pursuit Ends in Multiple Felony Weapon and Other Charges in the Town of Maine

1-24-24 - SIU Investigation in Vestal Leads to Felony Drug and Weapons Charges

1-22-24 - Sheriff Announces New Partnership and Program to Protect Victims of Domestic Violence

1-17-24 - SIU Investigation Leads to 12 Felony Drug Charges in the Town of Dickinson

1-11-24 - Sheriff Akshar Delivers 2023 Corrections Progress Report (View Progress Report Slideshow PDF Here)

1-8-24 - Sheriff’s Office Seeks Community’s Help in Identifying Larceny Suspect

1-7-24 - Fugitive Wanted on Multiple Domestic Violence Charges Arrested in Town of Colesville

1/4/24 - Man in Custody on Weapons Charges Following Traffic Stop


2023 Corrections Progress Report

Full Press Release - Video of Presentation - Presentation PDF


2023 News Releases

12-29-23 - Murder Suspect Taken into Custody in Town of Union

12-20-23 - SUNY Broome Student Awarded NYS Sheriff’s Institute Criminal Justice Scholarship

12-19-23 - $250k in Overpayments Rectified at Broome County Correctional Facility

12-6-23 - Broome Sheriff and community leaders reaffirm support and commitment to safety of Jewish community ahead of the Hanukkah Holidays

11-30-23 - 17 Felony Charges after Fentanyl PCP and other contraband found in cell at Broome County Correctional Facility

11-29-23 - Murder Suspect Taken into Custody in Binghamton

11-17-23 - "Pink Patch Project" Raises Thousands for Local Families Fighting Cancer

11-8-23 - Search Warrant Recovers Fentanyl, Oxycodone, Illegal Gun and Leads to 9 Felony Charges in Johnson City

11-7-23 - Search Warrant Recovers over a Dozen Grams of Fentanyl in Town of Chenango

11-1-23 - Statement from Broome County Sheriff Fred Akshar on Patrick Dai

10-31-23 - Victim Identified in Fatal Motor Vehicle Accident in the Town of Colesville

10-30-23 - Fatal Motor Vehicle in the Town of Colesville Under Investigation

10-30-23 - Police seize firearms and narcotics in Search Warrants

10-29-23 - Binghamton Man Charged for Fighting with Staff and Customers at Restaurant, Fighting with Sheriff’s Deputies and Breaking Door at Sheriff’s Office After Arrest

10-27-23 - Broome County Sheriff’s Law Enforcement Academy Graduates 38 New Officers and Deputies

10-25-23 - Kidnapping, Contempt, Fleeing and Other Charges after Manhunt Ends in Tompkins County

10-24-23 - Methamphetamine Fentanyl, Stopped from Entering Correctional Facility,
Felony Charges Following Intake Search

10-16-23 - SIU PRESS RELEASE: Untaxed Cigarettes and Cannabis Products Recovered in the Town of Union

10-16-23 - Child Endangerment, Unlawful Imprisonment, Resisting Arrest and Other Charges from a Domestic Incident in the Town of Fenton

10-13-23 - Motorcyclist Charged for Reckless Driving, Fleeing Police Near Binghamton School

10-12-23 - Harpursville Man Charged with 27 Counts of Child Endangerment After School Bus Incident

10-11-23 - Welcoming K9 Raven to the BCSO Family

10-6-23 - Pink Patch Project Raises Funds for Families Fighting Cancer

9-20-23 - Multiple Burglary Charges in the Town of Fenton

9-18-23 - Traffic Stop Leads to Drug and Weapon Charges in Binghamton

9-15-23 - Fentanyl, Methamphetamine Stopped from Entering Correctional Facility, Multiple Felony Charges Following Intake Search

9-14-23 - Broome County Sheriff Announces New Leadership at Correctional Facility

9-13-23 - Update on Pedestrian-Train Accident in the Town of Union

9-12-23 - “Earl is Going Home.” Homeless Man Living at Bus Stop Reunited with Family

9-11-23 - Broome Sheriff Shares Results from Targeted Crime Response in Endicott

9-5-23 - Sheriff Triples Visitation Hours Available for Family and Loved Ones at Correctional Facility Since January of 2023

9-5-23 - Falsified Legal Mail No Longer a Viable Tool for Smuggling Contraband into Correctional Facility

9-1-23 - Motorcycle-Pickup Truck Accident in Town of Windsor Leaves Two Hospitalized

8-25-23 - Attempted Murder, Attempted Burglary and Other Charges from Home Invasion in Town of Maine

8-14-23 - Investigation Results in Multiple Charges for Smuggling Meth at the Broome County Correctional Facility

8-10-23 - Felony Charges after Meth, Fentanyl, Mushrooms and Illegal Weapon Recovered in Endicott

8-8-23 - Burglary, Assault, Drug Possession and Child Endangerment Charges in Windsor

8-3-23 - Local Officials Voice Support for Family of Murder Victim Cheri Lindsey
as Killer Considered for Special Parole

7-27-23 - Narcotics Thrown Out Hotel Window in Attempt to Evade Search Warrant

7-24-23 - New Corrections Criminal Investigation Unit Generates Multiple Felony Arrest

7-20-23 - Sheriff Announces Broome County Sheriff Smartphone App

7-11-23 - Meth, Fentanyl Recovery Leads to Multiple Felony Drug Charges in Kirkwood

7-10-23 - Johnson City Middle School Principal Charged with Luring a Child and Attempted Rape

6-30-23 - Attempt to Identify - Larceny at Lowe's in Town of Chenango

6-29-23 - Multiple Felony Drug Charges in the Town of Owego

6-29-23 - Burglary and Harassment Charges in the Town of Barker

6-26-23 - Man charged with murder of infant daughter with a crossbow in the Town of Colesville

6-16-23 - Two Men Charged After Fight at George F. Johnson Elementary School

6-16-23 - Man Charged with Aggravated DWI after Motor Vehicle Accident in Town of Union

6-16-23 - Multiple Felony Drug Charges in the Village of Endicott

6-8-23 - NYSEG Burglar Arrested in Town of Maine

6-8-23 - Multiple Felony Domestic Abuse Charges in the Town of Binghamton

6-3-23 - Car-Motorcycle Accident in Town of Maine

6-2-23 - Fatal Motor Vehicle Accident in Town of Colesville

6-1-23 - Scam Alert - Scam Phone Calls Impersonating Law Enforcement

5-31-23 - Pedestrian Train Accident in Town of Fenton

5-19-23 - High-Speed Vehicle Pursuit Leads to Collision and Continues on Foot

5-16-23 - Update on Executive Order Enforcement in Response to NYC Relocation Efforts

5-15-23 -  Stolen Vehicle Stop Leads to Arrest for Cocaine Possession with Intent to Sell 

5-11-23 - BCSO Public Safety Town Halls Announced for Windsor and Vestal

5-8-23 - Update on I-88 W Accident Leaving Car in Chenango River

5-3-23 - Multiple Charges Following Latest Sweep at Correctional Facility

4-28-23 - Accident Leads to DWI on Route 12

4-25-23 - Sheriff Akshar Highlights First 100 Days

4-24-23 - Details Released on Pregnant Inmate Overdosing on Smuggled Drugs

4-20-23 - Murder-Suicide Investigation in Village of Windsor

 4-20-23 - Investigation Results in Multiple Charges for Drug Smuggling at Broome County Sheriff’s Correctional Facility

4-14-23 - Traffic Stop Leads to Foot Pursuit and Arrest for Outstanding Warrant in Binghamton

4-13-23 - Three Charged with 16 Felonies after Vehicle and Trailer Theft

4-10-23 - Deputies Locate Missing 15-year-old with Autism in Town of Fenton

4-6-23 - Correctional Facility Investigation Leads to Six Felony Drug Charges for Smuggling Cocaine and Fentanyl

4-5-23 - Five Felony Weapons Charges in Town of Fenton

4-3-23 - Traffic Stop Leads to Arrest for Outstanding Warrant

3-23-23 - Members of both Law Enforcement and Corrections Divisions Promoted

3-27-23 - Arrests for Violation of Sex Offender Registry and Bail Jumping

3-22-23 - Armed Robbery Leads to 20 Felony Charges in Town of Chenango

3-20-23 - 27 New Corrections Officers Sworn In 

3-8-23 - DWI in Town of Lisle

3-3-23 - DWI and Child Endangerment in West Colesville

3-2-23 - Drug Charges Following Sweep at Correctional Facility

2-28-23 - Multiple Charges after stolen vehicle pursuit in the Town of Dickinson

2-23-23 - Multiple Drug and Weapons Charges in the Town of Maine

2-22-23 -  Multiple Charges for Drug Smuggling at Correctional Facility

2-21-23 - Lateral Transfer Incentive Program Announced

2-19-23 - Missing Vulnerable Person in Whitney Point

2-16-23 - Multiple Charges and Weapons Seized in the Town of Union

2-14-23 - Multiple Drug Charges Town of Dickinson

2-13-23 - Attempted Drug Smuggling Conspiracy at Correctional Facility

2-9-23 - Bulletin - Trailer Theft in Town of Fenton

2-9-23 - Grand Larceny Charges in Town of Dickinson

2-9-23 - Firearm Theft Investigation

2-6-23 - DWI in Town of Colesville

2-2-23 - Missing Person Report Results in Domestic Violence Arrest

2-2-23 - Multiple Arrests for Felony Narcotics and Weapons Charges
in Endicott and the Town of Chenango

1-30-23 - Expanded Visiting Hours

1-25-23 - Failure to Register Under the Sex Offender Registration Act

1-24-23 Warrants Division Arrest

1-18-23 Multiple Charges City of Binghamton

1-18-23 EBT Scam Alert

1-12-23 Multiple Charges Town of Union

1-9-23 Multiple Charges Lisle

1-9-23 Reckless Endangerment Nanticoke

1-9-23 Reckless Endangerment Windsor

1-2-23 Fatal MVA



Anyone charged with a crime is considered innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.  For reference:  

New York State Penal Laws

New York State Vehicle & Traffic Laws

Broome County Local Laws

Broome County Charter