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CASA is the central access point for the consumers of long term care, from home care to nursing home. CASA helps families, regardless of age or payor source, to navigate their way through the myriad of long term care options available in Broome County.

Who We Are

CASA is an agency designed to assist residents of Broome County in developing the most effective long term care plan possible.

CASA community health nurses and case managers do this by providing in-home assessments:

  • obtaining client and family input to develop the plan of care
  • determining what level of care is necessary
  • maintaining client independence while meeting their health care needs in the least restrictive setting
  • advocating for the health care needs of the client with respect for the concerns of the family
  • referring to the appropriate community agencies

What We Do

CASA community health care nurses and case managers can assist you by conducting a client/family centered assessment to:

  • determine what kind of care is needed and assist the client and family in locating and arranging for care
  • outline all available care options
  • provide post hospitalization follow up
  • arrange for long term care needs when they become necessary
  • assist with discharge from nursing home to community when appropriate
  • provide information on Medicaid, Medicare, and other payment options

CASA assessments can help to prevent a crisis, by matching needs to programs and services, by putting together short term plans with long term options. Individuals may need just a little assistance to maintain their independence in their residence. Whatever the need, whatever the call, CASA will respond with suggestions and recommendations, giving the client and the family the information they need to make the best decision.

How We Help

CASA is the central access agency for Broome County residents who are seeking long term care such as:

Level of Care Assessment
A comprehensive assessment completed by a Registered Nurse to determine an appropriate place where the client can reside safely and as independently as possible with family or other supports.

Medicaid Personal Care Aide Service
A program funded by Medicaid for individuals who are chronically ill or are disabled, who have a need for assistance at home that is verified and approved by their primary doctor. Personal Care Aide service may include: assistance with bathing, grooming, dressing, hygiene, light housekeeping, laundry, grocery shopping, and errands.

Medicaid Shared Aide Services
A Personal Care Aide Program for individuals in specific cluster groupings of houses or apartment buildings where services are provided by an assigned agency. Aides work concurrently with multiple clients staying only until their tasks are completed.

Consumer Directed Personal Assistance Program
A program coordinated by CASA and the Southern Tier Independence Center (STIC) for the self-directing disabled and/or chronically ill consumer. This service enables the consumer to direct the delivery of their personal care service; recruit, interview, hire, train, supervise and dismiss their own attendants.

Private Duty Nursing
An in-home skilled nursing service for individuals with complex medical needs requiring a Registered Nurse or a Licensed Practical Nurse used as a supplement to existing family or other supports.
Private Duty Nursing Service is for individuals in need of skilled nursing as rendered by a registered or licensed practical nurse.

Nursing Home Placement
A CASA CHN/CM performs a comprehensive evaluation. The results of the evaluation will be used to determine whether an individual can function safely in the community or is appropriate for Nursing Home Placement. The CASA CHN will complete a Patient Review Instrument (PRI) and Screen, which are required by the New York State Department of Health (NYSDOH), for admission to all Nursing Home facilities in New York State. The PRI/Screen is forwarded to those Nursing Homes chosen by the family.

Nursing Home to Community
A CASA assessment is completed in a Nursing Facility involving the client, family and/or support system, the physician and the nursing home staff to evaluate the abilities and needs of the client. Based on this evaluation, a level of care determination is made that reflects the client's potential for returning to a lower level of care in the community. CASA will recommend and suggest available services if a return to the community is appropriate.

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