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The Broome County Health Department works with the community to preserve, promote and protect the public health and quality of life of all Broome County residents.


By 2017, Broome County will be distinguished as a community that maximizes the opportunity for all people to take responsibility for their own well-being and achieve their optimal quality of life.  The health of the community will also be enhanced by a community wide partnership of organizations that will assess, prioritize, and take action on initiatives to improve specific public health indicators and measures of community health status.


HealthlinkNY provides a single, secure, centralized location where medical professionals that have your permission can access your community health records with the click of a button. With HealthlinkNY, doctors can view your medical information from multiple providers when and where it’s needed, whether it’s a routine visit or a medical emergency. Make sure you give consent to your doctors at your next appointment. It’s your health, your records, your choice. For more information, stop by our


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