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Fire Training Schedule


TO:                  Department Chief’s & Training Officers

FROM:             Jeffrey Buckler - Fire Coordinator

DATE:               August 1, 2018

SUBJECT:        Fall 2018 Training Schedule, to Date

Pre-Registration Required for All Courses

For a complete class schedule including all class dates for each course, click here: Class Schedule







 Incident Safety Officer


 Dec. 5th (5)

 19:00 T/Binghamton Sta #3 Allen

 Principles of Instruction


 Jan. 7th (5)

 19:00 M.F. Aswad Facility Haight



 January 8th (25) Some Saturdays

 18:30 Five Mile Point Sta #1 Nazak

 Hazardous Materials First Responder Operations


Jan. 15th (4) 

 19:00 Triangle Congdon

 Leadership & Accountability


 Jan. 16th (1)

 19:00 M.F. Aswad Nazak

 B.E.F.O. Legacy Bridge Course


 Feb. 5th (9) 

 19:00 Chenango Sta. #1 Allen

 Firefighter's Guide to Lightweight Building Construction


 Feb. 6th (7)

 19:00 M.F. Aswad Facility Nazak

 Fireground Strategy & Tactics for 1st Arriving Companies

 Firefighter I

 Mar. 6th (5)

 19:00 Chenango Sta. #1 Haight

 Water Rescue Awareness


 Mar. 27th (1)

 19:00 Harpursville Allen

 Hazardous Materials First Responder Operations Course


 Apr. 6th (2) ** Weekend Course **

 09:00 Chenango Sta. #1 Allen

 Interior Firefighting Operations & S.C.B.A.


 Apr. 16th (15) 1 - Saturday

 19:00 Triangle Nazak

BEFO, SCBA/IFO & FF2 require IFSTA Edition #6 Essentials of Firemanship and FD Ops book.

  Register On-Line:

  NOTE- Departments hosting courses must still pre-register their personnel.  

  BEFO - Basic Exterior Firefighting Operations / HMFRO - Hazardous Materials First Responder Operations