The Broome County Department of Public Transportation On Board Survey

BINGHAMTON, NY - The Broome County Department of Public Transportation in cooperation with the Binghamton Metropolitan Transportation Study and Binghamton University will be conducting a survey of B.C. Transit riders from April 10-17.

  • Why is this survey being conducted? In order for Broome County to provide the best service it can to B.C. Transit riders, they need to know more about who rides the bus, why they ride, and what they think of the service. The survey questionnaire has three parts. The first asks about “today's trip” with questions about trip purpose, fare payment, getting to the bus stop, using the wheelchair ramp or bike rack, and the like. The second section asks riders their opinion on a number of features, from on-time performance to safety and security, to how clean and comfortable the bus is. The final section asks some basic demographic information, including age, gender, student or employment status, and how often the individual uses B.C. Transit.
  • How is the survey conducted? Passengers will be given a questionnaire when they board the bus. They can fill it out while on the bus and return it to the survey person, drop it off at B.C. Junction, or take it with them and mail it back in a postage paid envelope. Surveys will be distributed at various times on randomly selected bus routes to have a sample that is statistically sound.
  • Who is conducting the survey? Graduate students from the Binghamton University College of Community and Public Affairs will distribute the survey and analyze the data.
  • What about privacy? The survey is entirely confidential; there is no way to record names or any other contact information. Riders should be reassured that they can be completely candid and honest in their answers.
  • Who will be using the data? Broome County will use the information to address the current operations of B.C. Transit. They may address items including convenience, safety, security, and responsiveness to users. BMTS will use the information for transit planning purposes, to advise the County on longer term adjustments they may want to make to the transit system.

Posted: 4/5/2007 12:00 am




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