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The Broome County Department of Planning and Economic Development serves to promote the sound and orderly economic and physical growth of Broome County and its constituent municipalities. It provides technical planning guidance and assistance to the County Executive and County Legislature and implements projects and programs designed to improve the economy, environment, and physical infrastructure of the county. The department extends professional services to local municipalities and other public and private entities in the areas of land use planning and zoning, grantsmanship, economic development, cartography, community assistance, research and infrastructure development.

The Department of Planning and Economic Development consists of the following divisions:



Broome County Comprehensive Plan Now Available

After a year of work, and meetings with the community, stakeholder groups, and the Steering Committee, the comprehensive plan is now complete.  The plan, entitled 'Building Our Future' is Broome County's first comprehensive plan in over 50 years.  Please take a look at the completed plan, especially the detailed 'Action Plan' to see where your community is headed in the coming years.  It is online at:



Planning Department Partners with Union, Windsor and Deposit for Main Street Grant Program Grant Applications

The Planning Department is working with the town of Union and the villages of Endicott, Windsor, and Deposit to prepare grant applications for New York's Main Street Program.  If approved, the Main Street program can provide funding for commercial business renovations and streetscape improvements in these important commercial centers.  Interested residents can learn more about these applications by attending one of the upcoming informational meetings:

Deposit Project
Tuesday, June 25th at 7:00 pm
Deposit State Theater
Deposit Property Owner Form

Windsor Project
Thursday, June 27th at 7:00 pm
Windsor Community Center
Windsor Property Owner Form

Endicott - Union District Project
Wednesday, July 10th at 6:00 pm
Endicott Visitors Center
Endicott Property Owners Form


More information is also available by contacting: Elaine Miller at or by calling (607) 778-2366


Draft Hazard Mitigation Plan Update is Now Posted for Review

The Broome County Multi-Jurisdictional Hazard Mitigation Plan is the primary way that we attempt to lessen the impact of natural disasters.  The County, along with representatives from all of Broome's 24 municipalities, have been developing an update to the 5-year old plan, and we are seeking input.  For more information and the opportunity to review and comment on the plan visit the hazard mitigation website.

Broome County Announces Comprehensive Plan

Broome County has announced the development of its first countywide comprehensive plan since 1963.  The plan will be developed over the course of a year, and will include ample opportunity for input by county residents.  Chapters of the plan will be published at  Residents interested in having their say complete the online survey at


Recent Planning Projects

Open House for Flood Impacted Residents

The Broome and Tioga County Departments' of Planning are organizing an open house for flood impacted residents. 

Tuesday March 27, 2012
4:00 pm to 8:00 pm
Binghamton University Events Center
Free Parking - Free Admission
More Information
Directions to Binghamton University
Map of Binghamton University


Flood Mitigation Workshop

Local officials, business owners and the public are invited to attend a Flood Mitigation Workshop, hosted by the Broome County Department of Planning and Economic Development. The Workshop will be held Tuesday, January 24th from 6-9 pm at the Union-Endicott High School Auditorium.

This workshop will be the first in a series hosted by Broome County to provide information about flooding and flood mitigation issues. Pre-registration is appreciated but not required.

Flood Mapping Response Update:
Broome County Planning Hosts Community Rating System Workshop

Broome County has reactivated the Flood Task Force that was formed in the aftermath of the devastating June 2006 floods.  One of the early suggestions of task force was to organize a workshop regarding the federal Community Rating System (CRS).   

The CRS is a voluntary program that assesses a community’s ability to mitigate flood damage.  The CRS recognizes and encourages community floodplain management activities that exceed the minimum National Floodplain Insurance Program requirements. 

This well-attended workshop was designed to help communities understand the CRS program and explain the application process. 

Residents in participating communities receive reduced rates on their flood insurance.  Typical discounts range from 5% to 10% on flood insurance rates.  To be eligible, communities need to apply for the program and take part in various flood mitigation activities. 

There is more information about CRS online here:

Broome County Planning is Awarded EPA Funds for Cleanup of Endicott Site

The Broome County Department of Planning and Economic has been awarded over $131,000 in grant funds from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency for the remediation of 312 Maple Street in Endicott. The project is one of only 5 cleanup grant awards in New York State in this round of federal funding. Broome County took possession of the property when it foreclosed on LMS of North America, the previous owner. When the clean up is complete, the property will be once again on the tax rolls.

Susquehanna Heritage Area Management Plan Revision Completed

The Susquehanna Heritage Area Management Plan Amendment, completed in December of 2009, builds upon previous efforts that have been developed and implemented since the Susquehanna Heritage Area was recognized by the New York State legislature in 1982. The goal of the plan was to further identify, promote, and develop the historic, cultural, recreational, and natural resources of an expanded Susquehanna Heritage Area,  encompassing Broome and Tioga Counties. The Plan Amendment was prepared for the Susquehanna Heritage Area Commission and Broome County Planning by Bergmann Associates and funded through an $80,000 NYS Department of State Quality Communities Program Grant. It identifies strategies for the enhancement of unique cultural and natural resources in Broome and Tioga Counties and will guide the implementation of programs and projects to foster economic revitalization and enhance quality of life throughout the region.

An “amendment” to state law is required in order to recognize both Broome and Tioga counties as the expanded boundary beyond the current communities of Binghamton, Johnson City & Endicott. The state and local approval process will begin in January for state recognition. Adoption of the revised management plan is anticipated in early 2010.

County-wide Code Enforcement Office Feasibility Study

Each of Broome County’s 24 municipalities is responsible for enforcement of the Uniform Fire Prevention and Building Code in that municipality with individual and varying office structures and strategies for enforcement. A county-wide code enforcement office has the potential to provide improved efficiency and financial savings through streamlined operations and administration, providing a single point of contact for residents and businesses interested in locating in the County, and providing a structure that affords a broader range of expertise and specialization.

Broome County, with the Town of Kirkwood as a co-applicant, has received a $33,750 grant from the New York State Department of State’s Local Government Efficiency Grant Program to develop a County-wide Code Enforcement Office Feasibility Study. The study will analyze the administrative, fiscal, legal and political considerations incidental to cooperative code enforcement. This includes analysis of the nature and scope of services and functions to be performed by each local government, the number and qualifications of staff necessary, how personnel and other costs will be shared or apportioned, the collection and distribution of fees, the responsibility for enforcement, and the liabilities of the parties, among others.

See the Publications page for more information.

Brandywine Corridor Brownfield Opportunity Area

Broome County secured a $175,500 grant from New York State to prepare a Brownfield Opportunity Area plan for the Brandywine Corridor.  This 137-acre swath of land in the heart of Binghamton, is the gateway to the community.  By preparing a Brownfield Opportunity Area plan for this area, we can focus public and private sector investment and help the community achieve its vision.  We have hired Elan Planning and Design of Saratoga Springs, New York to coordinate this effort.  

A project website has been established for the Brandywine Corridor BOA. 

Broome County Receives Grant to Purchase Three Flood Damaged Houses

The Planning Department has received a State grant for $331,772 to purchase three-flood damaged homes.  The homes, two in Conklin and one in Kirkwood, will be demolished after acquistion as part of a flood remediation program.  The goal is to lessen the impact of future flood events on the community.  Nothing will be constructed on the properties after the demolition is completed.

The purchase price of the three homes was determined by appraisals.  None of the homes are currently occupied.  The properties were selected after applications were made by the homeowners. 

The County is now in the process of making formal purchase offers to the homeowners, and preparing the environmental reviews and necessary asbestos screenings prior to demolishing the homes.  The homes should be down by the end of 2009.

Broome County Receives Police Consolidation Study Grant

Currently there are five municipal police departments in the urbanized core of Broome County, as well as a police force in the rural Village of Deposit, the Broome County Sherriff's Department, and the State Police.  Preliminary studies by Broome County have identified $9 million in potential savings in five years through the consolidation of urban polices forces.  However many questions remain, including the impact on the level of police services, the logistics of combining forces, and the cost of streamlining equipment and operations.  To address these issues, Broome County as a lead applicant, in conjunction with the City of Binghamton and the Village of Johnson City as co-applications, has received a $50,000 High Priority Planning Grant through the New York State Department of State's Local Government Efficiency Grant Program.  The funds will be used to develop a Police Consolidation Feasibility Study and Implementation Plan to help municipalities make an informed decision about the most efficient and cost effective way to move forward with police services.

Endicott-Johnson Brownfield Opportunity Area

Endicott Johnson BOAUsing a $155,000 grant from New York State, the Planning Department hired Clough Harbour and Associates to prepare a Brownfield Opportunity Area (BOA) plan for central Johnson City.  This area was once the industrial heart of Broome County, but it is now marked by abandoned industrial buildings that have a blighting influence on the surrounding area.  The Endicott-Johnson BOA, however, has tremendous potential.  Significant investment has already begun to take place, most notably the construction of a $48 million printing facility by Gannett Company.  The publicity generated by the BOA process has spurred further development interest.  An executive summary for the Endicott-Johnson BOA can be found here:
EJ BOA Executive Summary

Intermunicipal Waterfront Revitalization Project

Partnering with the Town of
Vestal, the county is coordinating a study funded in part by the NYS Local Waterfront Revitalization Program (LWRP) to identify public access options and propose integrated strategies for development along the four inland waterways within BroomeCounty.  There are twenty-two municipalities located on the Susquehanna, Chenango, Tioughnioga or DelawareRivers, all with varying degrees of economic and recreational opportunities. 

Conklin Multi Use Trail

Broome County secured a $449,000 Federal-aid grant to fund a multi-use walking and biking trail in Conklin.  The trail will connect the Broome Corporate Park with the neighboring community.  Workers in the park and residents in the community will be able to walk the trail for exercise and recreation.  County crews from the Department of Public Works have completed survey work for this project, and it has entered the design phase.



Constitution Pipeline Informational Open House

 Wednesday, July 18, 2012
6:30 p.m. - 8:30 p.m.
West Windsor Fire Hall, 9 Karla Drive, Windsor, NY 13865
Informational Flyer





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