Food Safety


Required Food Service Application Items

  • Food Service Application for a Permit
  • Food Service Application Fee
  • Food Service Floor Plan Application (for newly constructed or renovated kitchen facilities only)
  • Certificate of Food Safety Training (see Food Safety Training Requirements section below)
  • Worker’s Compensation AND Disability Benefits Coverage Certificates 
  • A scheduled pre-operational inspection of establishment with the Broome County Health Department (not required for Temporary Food Service Establishments)
  • Mobile Units (i.e. food trucks or carts), other than self-contained units, must have a commissary where the unit is serviced, cleaned, supplied, maintained and where the equipment, utensils and facilities are serviced, cleaned and sanitized.  Any food that is being manufactured, stored, prepared, portioned or packaged outside of the mobile unit must be done within a commissary.  A commissary is an establishment operated under license or permit of an appropriate regulatory authority.  

Note: Religious, fraternal or charitable organizations intending to serve food may be exempt from acquiring a food permit under section 14-1.184 of the NYS Sanitary Code.  Contact the Broome County Health Department for more information. 

New York State Sanitary Codes for Food Service Establishments

Emergency Procedures for Food Service Establishments


Educational Information

For Public

For Restaurants

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Food Safety Training Requirement

Proof of food safety training will be required of owners and/or operators of food service establishments operating in Broome County.  For facility ownership changes or new facilities opening in Broome County, at least one representative will need to have proof of acceptable food safety training.  It is recommended that this training be completed prior to obtaining the permit.  If an applicant is unable to complete the required food safety training prior to opening facility, the training must be completed within 60 days of issuance of the temporary permit.  Failure to obtain an acceptable food safety training certificate after 60 days will result in facility closure.  Acceptable food safety training shall include the in-house food safety class offered at the Broome County Health Department, other NYS local health department food safety training, ServSafe or other ANSI accredited food safety training. 

Note: The Broome County Health Department’s online Temporary Food Service Safety Class is an acceptable substitute for temporary food service permits and “Permission Letters” only.

Food safety training shall include but not be limited to the following topics: proper personal hygiene, hand washing, glove use, reporting illness, time and temperature requirements, cross-contamination and proper dish/utensil sanitation.

Food Safety Classes by Broome County Health Department:

The in-house monthly food safety training class is given at the Broome County Health Department located at 225 Front Street in Binghamton, NY on the second Monday of every month, except holidays, starting promptly at 1:00 PM.  There is no fee and no registration required for the class.  It is recommended participants arrive 15 minutes early.  Any participant arriving after 1:00 PM will not be allowed to take the class and may attend the next monthly class. The class typically ends at 5:00 PM.  Listing of dates can be found below.  The training consists of a PowerPoint and videos.  An open book test is given at the end of the class to test the participant’s knowledge on food safety practices.  If a participant does not understand English, he or she may bring a translator to the class. Participants are given 45 minutes to complete the test.  They must pass the 25-question test with a minimum of 70%.  A certificate will be issued to those who pass the test provided the participant’s information is legible on the sign-in sheet.  If the participant fails the test, they may return to take the test again at the next class.  Failing the test a second time will require the participant to take the class again.  If a participant is found cheating, they will not receive a certificate of completion.  Participants who are not owner/operators of a permitted food service establishment will also be allowed to take the class. 

The Broome County Health Department offers a free online Temporary Food Service Safety Class for Temporary Food Vendors and religious, fraternal and charitable organizations applying for a “Permission Letter”.  The online class, and more information for temporary food vendors, can be found here.

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