Water Supplies

The Division of Environmental Health inspects, surveys, educates and monitors the various public water supplies in accordance with Part 5 of the NYS Sanitary Code. It reviews plans for the construction, addition or modification of any public water supply to assure compliance with State and Federal regulations. The department requires correction of any violation and provides technical assistance to water supply operators to comply with Part 5 of the NYS Sanitary Code. It also provides technical information to well owners.

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Public Water Supply Protection 

  • Inspect, survey and monitor public water supplies and provide technical assistance to water supply operators.
  • Help prevent public well and aquifer contamination through plan review of facilities that use chemicals.
  • Assist town and village governments in implementing groundwater protection strategies and ordinances.

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Free Lead Testing Pilot Program

This state program is through the New York State Department of Health. This pilot program is available to New York state residents that are served by either a private well or a public water system and provides them the opportunity to have their residential drinking water tested for free.