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The Broome County Health Department Division of Environmental Health (EH) enforces residential onsite wastewater treatment system standards established in 10NYCRR Appendix 75-A. EH staff investigate reports of failing systems, provide education, assist homeowners installing new systems, inspect new systems for existing homes, review and approve Professional Engineer designs, and issue sewage disposal construction permits. Systems producing sewage in excess of 1,000 gallons per day require special regulation in accordance with NYS Department of Environmental Conservation State Pollution Discharge Elimination (SPDES) Permits and Standards for Waste Treatment Works.


Sewage Permit Application (Required for all new septic system installations <1,000 gallons per day)

ETU (Aerator) Application Form (Required when an enhanced treatment unit is proposed for new septic system design)

Application for Record Search - Individual Sewage Disposal System (Required when requesting Health Department records for a property's septic system)


Engineer List 

Contractors, Broome County Registered

Sewage Pollution Right To Know (NYSDEC)

Septic Maintenance Guide

Simple Septic Installation FAQ

Septic System Installer Certification

Septic System Installer Certification Course

Residential Onsite Wastewater Treatment Systems Design Handbook (10NYCRR Appendix 75-A Design Standards)