Aqua-Terra Wilderness Area

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Formerly the site of the Aqua-Terra Sportsman's Club and Innsbruck USA ski area, Aqua-Terra Wilderness Area offers 466 acres of largely undeveloped natural settings. The  6-acre pond provides a secluded fishing experience and opportunities for wildlife-watching. Aqua-Terra Wilderness Area is also a participant in the Broome County Hiking Challenge Program. 

As at all Broome County Parks' facilities, admission is free.

Visitors are required to be aware of and follow Parks' rules:

  • Dogs are permitted but must be kept on a leash no longer than 8-ft in length; owners must pick up after their dogs.
  • Motorized vehicles are not permitted on the trails. 
  • Camping is not permitted.
  • Fishing from shore is permitted; swimming, wading, and boats are not permitted.

For more information, call 607.778.2193.

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Directions to Aqua-Terra Wilderness Area