7th Annual Scarecrow Contest & Display

The Broome County Parks 7th Annual Scarecrow Contest & Display was absolutely amazing this year and we are so grateful to all 49 of our participants! Thousands of votes were collected at this year’s event! 

 And..... the winners are: 

1st Place:  Broome DDSO Riverside Art Program- "Face the Sunshine" (#1)

2nd Place: Team DSS- Venus “Crow” Trap (#9)

3rd Place:  Berkshire Farm Center & Services for Youth- “Bubble, Bubble I’m in Trouble” (#23)

4th Place:  Smith- “America’s Past Time” (#4)

5th Place:  Friends of Aliza Spencer (#47)

We would like to make an honorable mention to the following participants that received over 100 votes!  Broome County Library- “Night Before Story Time” (#35), Farley- “The Meals on Wheels Crew” (#12), USPS- Delivering for America (#27), and ACHIEVE- ACHIEVE’s Minions (#40).

Congratulations to the top 5 winners! We want to THANK YOU each and every one of you again for your time, hard work, dedication and creativity! We also want to thank everyone who visit these beautiful displays and casted your vote! 

Publish Date
August 5, 2022