8th Annual Scarecrow Contest & Display

The Broome County Parks 8th Annual Scarecrow Contest & Display was absolutely amazing this year and we are so grateful to all 49 of our participants! Thousands of votes were collected and the winners are in....

1st Place: Broome Day Services- "Jack Skellington" (#24)
2nd Place: Riverside Art Program – “The Little Mermaids” (#23)
3rd Place: Berkshire Farm Center & Services for Youth- “Berkshire Barbie-Foster Mom Barbie” (#18)
4th Place: Friends of Aliza Spencer- (#48)
5th Place: ACHIEVE-“Pacman by Achieve”(#9)

We want to THANK YOU everyone for their time, hard work, dedication and creativity!

We also want to thank everyone who visited the displays and voted!

Publish Date
August 5, 2022