Real Property Tax Services

Mission Statement

The Real Property Tax Service of Broome County seeks to improve the administration and understanding of the real property tax. Technical and professional assistance is provided to other county departments, local governments, local town assessors, school districts, the taxpayers and public, attorneys, and real estate professionals in all aspects of real property tax.

Contact Information

Broome County Real Property Tax Service
60 Hawley Street, 2nd Floor
P. O. Box 1766
Binghamton, NY 13902

Telephone: 607.778.2169 or 607.778.2124
Fax: 607.778.2359

Real Property Tax Service Staff

Michael T. Decker, Director
Susan M. Pufky, Assistant Director
Wendy Hughes, Receiver of Taxes


  • Train and assist local assessors in coordination with NYS Office of Real Property
  • Train members of Boards of Assessment Review
  • Assist assessors with the completion of annual reports
  • Provide assessment rolls and exemption forms to local assessors
  • Work with towns and school districts for preparation of tax rolls, tax bills, and mailing
  • Provide property and assessment information to taxpayers, property owners, and other interested parties
  • Maintain property sales records
  • Serve as the tax collection agency for the City of Binghamton, Towns of Binghamton, Conklin, Dickinson, Fenton, Kirkwood, Nanticoke, Union and the School Districts of City of Binghamton, Chenango Forks, Chenango Valley, Johnson City and Susquehanna Valley.
  • Maintain tax maps for all towns and villages in Broome County
  • Administer the installment tax payment program
  • Identify the delinquent tax parcels and manage the county tax foreclosure auction

Deed Filing Information

When eRecording, please complete the TP-584 and RP-5217 forms online in PDF format and submit electronically with the deed.

For deeds submitted via hard copy, complete the the PDF forms online, print, and submit them with the deeds.

The four-part RP-5217 forms are no longer required.

The PDF forms can be found on the Internet at:



Address Changes

To change your permanent tax billing address, please complete and return the Tax Roll Change form to Real Property. Please include documentation if required.