16 BU Express Bus Stops Westbound

  Street/ Intersection  Bus Stop Location
01 Washington/ Stuart Arena
02 Hawley/ Washington 20 Hawley St
03 Court/Water Boscovs
04 Main/ Front 1st Congregational
05 Main/Oak Trinity Memorial
06 Main/Chapin CVS
07 Main/ Mather Westside Mini-Mart 
08 Main/ Crandall Horizon Credit Union 
09 Main/ Cedar Audio Man 
10 Main/ Schiller Autozone 
11 Main/ Orton Cathollic Charities  
12 Main/ Glenwood Smokers Choice 
13 Main/ Crestmont Burger King 
14 Main/ Crary Cole Muffler 
15 Floral/ Main Presbyterian Church
16 Floral/West End Across from Kwik Fill
17 Floral/ Cleveland Private Residence 
18 Floral/ Burbank Wash Tub Laundromat 
19 Floral/Willow Private  Residence 
20 Floral/Roberts Private Residence  
21 Floral/ Harrison Across from Floral Park  
22 Floral/ St Charles Adrianno's Pizza 
23 Floral/Cook Private Residence 
24 BU Union  


Please note this bus will observe flag stops along the route (except on NY 434W and NY 201S).