Mobility Management Services

About our Mobility Management Program

BC Transit's Mobility Management program strives to provide innovative approaches for delivering, coordinating and managing access to various available transportation services in the community.   Our goal is to enhance mobility of individuals using public transportation as well as other available providers.

What are some other available transportation resources?

We have created a directory of alternative resources.

We continuously update our directory. If you see something missing, please contact us.

What ways can BC Transit assist me?

We can help you by identifying and coordinating alternative transportation options to suit your needs. We have both local and regional resources to help you.

Do you provide instruction?

Travel training for individuals and/or groups is available.  Contact our Mobility Manager at 607.778.6515 to schedule today.  

What ways can you assist businesses and employers?

Our Mobility Manager works with several major area employers to keep them informed of transit and transportation updates happening in the community.  Presentations are available on request.

Employers can review the Community Transportation Association of America toolkit for ideas on resolving local transportation issues.

You may also wish to view information from the National Center for Mobility Management.

How can I contact the Mobility Manager?

You may call 607.763.4926 or email

The Mobility Manager hours at the BC Junction are:

  • Monday-Friday 8AM - 4:30PM

Hours are subject to change.

Do you need more help understanding how to ride BC Transit?  

Travel training for individuals and/or groups is available. Contact our Mobility Manager at 607.778.6515 to schedule today.