Bus Travel Training

What is Travel Training?

It is teaching individuals how to navigate BC Transit.  You will learn how to plan your trip, read the schedule, arrive at the correct bus stop, boarding the bus, paying your fare, and finding your destination using BC Transit, and if needed, other modes of transportation.  Travel training is available for both individuals and groups.  There will be some classroom type training as well as traveling with a mentor on a bus. 

Why is this important?

From our travel trainers you will learn tips about riding, giving you the confidence to travel independently.   Whether you need to start taking the bus temporarily, long term, are new to the area, or just want a back up plan, riding the bus has many personal and societal benefits.

What are the benefits?

  • Increases independence
  • May be more convenient than finding a parking spot
  • Provides a back-up plan in case you need to get somewhere
  • Leaves driving to a professional driver when the weather is bad
  • Reduces traffic congestion
  • Provides greater access to the community

Who is Eligible?

Anyone who wants to learn to start taking the bus. 

Can you customize training to suit my needs?

Yes we can!  

You can learn about:

  • Planning each trip you need to take
  • Riding specific routes
  • Reading bus schedules
  • Getting to and from a bus stop
  • Recognizing bus route numbers, bus stops, landmarks and know where each bus is going
  • Paying fares and purchase passes
  • Boarding the bus and riding safely
  • Boarding the bus using wheelchairs and other mobility aides
  • Transferring to other buses
  • Getting service information
  • Traveling independently

Contact our Mobility Manager at 607.778.6515 or werc@co.broome.ny.us to learn more and schedule your appointment.