Bikes on Buses

Bring Your Bike on BC Transit Buses

Your bicycle can enhance your mobility around the Greater Binghamton area. Our bicycle racks mounted on the front of our buses hold up to two adult sized bicycles, with wheels at least 16 inches in diameter.  Our racks DO NOT hold tandem or motor-powered bikes.

Our policy is first come, first served with a limit of one bicycle per person. 

Electric powered bicycles are not alllowed on the buses.  

There is no extra charge for using the bike rack. 

Loading Your Bike 

Step 1 - Be Ready
As the bus approaches, be ready to load: Remove all pumps and loose items that could fall off and remove any antennae or other objects rising above the height of the handle bars because they may hit the windshield, interfering with the driver's ability to operate the bus safely. Always approach the bus from the curb.  

Step 2 - Pull Down Bike Rack
Squeeze the handle on the bike rack attached to the front of the bus, and pull down the rack. You need only one hand, so you can use the other to hold your bike.

If there are no other bicycles on the rack, please load your bicycle in the back slot nearest the bumper of the bus.

Step 3 - Secure It
Lift your bike onto the rack. Note where the front wheel is to go.  Pull the spring-action hook and support arm over the top of the front tire.

Step 4 - Double Check and Board

Be sure that the support arm is resting on your front tire, and not the fender or frame. Wiggle the bike and make sure the bike is secure.

Safety and Responsibility

Safety and Responsibility

  • For safety reasons, our drivers cannot get off the bus to assist you.
  • You are responsible for ensuring your bike is securely loaded.
  • BC Transit is not responsible for damage that may result from improperly loaded bicycles.
  • Make sure attachments on the bicycle do not rise above handle bar height or else you will be asked by the driver to lower or remove the attachments.   

 Unloading Your Bike:

Step 1 - Exit via the Front Doors
FOR YOUR SAFETY:  When getting off the bus, exit the bus from the front doors and alert the driver you will be unloading your bike.  

Step 2 -  Release the Support Arms
Raise the spring-action support and move the arm downward.

Step 3 -  Remove your Bicycle
Lift your bike off the rack. If there is not another bike on the rack, please fold up the rack and lock it into place. (The rack locks automatically).

Step 4 - Wait for the Bus to Pass
Wheel your bike to the curb, and signal to the driver that you and your bike are a safe distance from the bus, so that the bus may continue on its route.  Please wait for the bus to pass before crossing the street.

 Bike Rider Tips:


  • For safety reasons, the driver cannot get off the bus to assist you. All people using bike racks must be able to load and unload their bicycle.
  • Our policy is first come, first served as bike racks hold only two bicycles at a time. 
  • There are no additional fares or fees for using the bike racks.
  • Children 10 and under must be accompanied by an adult to load and unload bikes.
  • The Broome County Department of Public Transportation is not responsible for lost or stolen bicycles.
  • The Broome County Department of Public Transportation is not responsible for damage to your bicycle as a result of improper loading or unloading nor any accessories you leave on the bicycle.
  • BC Transit suggests you sit near the front of the bus so that you may monitor your bike during your ride.
  • If you have specific questions about using our bike racks, please call us at 607.763.4464
  • More information on bicycle use in Broome County, can found by visiting Binghamton Metropolitan Transportation Study (BMTS) Bicycle Route Map.