B.C. Country: Serving Rural Broome County


What is BC Country?

BC Country is our public transportation service for rural Broome County residents. To use BC Country, you must first register and then reserve your ride. BC Country will pick you up in the morning, bring you to your destination in urban core of Broome County, and provide a return trip in the afternoon or early evening.

BC Country provides service in all or parts these towns:

  • Barker
  • Town of Binghamton (not city)
  • Chenango Bridge
  • Chenango Forks
  • Colesville
  • Conklin
  • Fenton
  • Glen Aubrey
  • Harpursville
  • Kirkwood
  • Maine
  • Port Crane
  • Vestal (certain locations)
  • Whitney Point
  • Windsor
  • See BC Country Service Map►


How do I register for BC Country?

If you are new to BC Country call 607.763.4464 press option 3 to speak with a BC Country Dispatcher. Please have your name, address, and return phone number ready. We will register you for the service and provide introductory ride information.

Once registered, call us at 607.275.5142 each time you need a ride.


What is the fare?

The rates are as follows. Please pay exact fare.

  • The regular fare is $3.50 for each one way ride.
  • For persons with disabilities the fare is $2.50 for each one way ride. You will be asked to provide proof of your disability to the BC Country office prior to your ride.
  • Children under age 5 ride free when accompanied by an adult.
  • Riders must pay exact fare. Pennies and rolled coins will not be accepted. Drivers cannot make change.
  • If you are age 60 or over, you can apply for an Office for Aging Identification Card. This card will allow you to ride from 9 AM to 4 PM with a suggested contribution of $2.00. No one will be denied service as an OFA rider due to their inability or unwillingness to contribute. Please ask a BC Country Dispatcher for details.


What are your hours of operation?

  • Monday through Friday; hours vary depending on location
  • We are closed most major holidays.
  • Buses may be delayed or cancelled during inclement weather. We will announce cancellations here on our website, social media pages, and various news media.

Reserve Your Ride

How do I reserve my ride?

  • Call 607.275.5142.
  • We accept phone reservations from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. and online from 8:00 a.m to 3:00 p.m. Monday through Friday. We do not accept reservation calls on weekends or on major holidays.
  • Reserve your ride at least two (2) business days in advance or no more than seven (7) days in advance. If traveling on a Monday, you will need to call before 3:30 PM on the preceding Thursday.
  • Reserve each one way ride. This may include your return trip.
  • Others will likely be riding with you. Plan extra time for your trip.
  • We have complete instructions to learn about our reservation line.

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What happens after I reserve my ride?

  • We will match your requests with available rides.
  • BC Country reservations are filled on a first come first served basis.
  • We call you back one (1) business day before your scheduled ride(s) and confirm your reservation request(s).
  • If your ride confirmations have changed or, or are not what you expected, please contact a BC Country Dispatcher, at 607.763.4464, and choose option 3.

How do I cancel my reservation?

  • To cancel your ride, call 607.275.5142 at least one hour or more before your scheduled pick up time.
  • Cancellations made less than one hour before the scheduled trip will be considered a "no show."
  • If you have multiple trips scheduled, cancel each trip as needed. A trip is defined as each one-way ride.


When will my bus come?

  • Your bus will typically come within 15 minutes of your scheduled pick-up time.
  • Traffic, weather, attending to other passengers, and other unforeseen factors may affect exact arrival time.
  • The bus may arrive as much as fifteen minutes after your scheduled pick up time without being considered late.
  • Please wait where you can see the bus coming. Please be ready 15 minutes before your expected arrival time.

What happens when my bus comes?

  • As the bus approaches, go out to the curb to board the bus. The driver cannot go inside to get you.
  • Drivers cannot back up or put the bus in a position which may cause damage to the bus, surrounding property, compromise safety, or block roadways.
  • The front entrance of the bus has steps with a handrail.
  • A power lift on the rear side of the bus is available if you cannot use the front entrance steps.
  • Deposit your fare in the fare box. Drivers cannot make change.

What happens when I reach my destination?

  • We will make reasonable efforts to get you as close to the curb of your destination at the time you requested.
  • BC Country drivers cannot back up or maneuver the bus in a way which may cause damage to the bus, surrounding property or compromise safety.
  • Please wait for the driver to release you from any securement straps, and/or listen for any instructions from the driver

What if I miss my bus?

  • If you miss your scheduled pick up time, contact us as soon as possible at 607.763.4464, and choose option 3.
  • Missed rides may count as a "no show."
  • Cancellations made less than one hour before the scheduled trip will be considered a "no show."
  • Three (3) no-shows in a thirty-day period may result in a thirty-day (30) suspension of service.

Please note that our approach is to work with each consumer or agency to prevent any suspensions from occurring and to keep consumers access to transportation. This is accomplished by sending warning letters to consumers after each no-show. During this time there is an opportunity for the consumer or agency to contact us if the no-show was beyond their control. We will then remove the no-show. However, if the consumer or agency does not contact us after each warning letter and then they receive a suspension letter, there is a grace period prior to the suspension beginning where the consumer or agency can contact us once again. It is only after every possible step is exhausted that we instill the suspension process. At this point they are given an opportunity to appeal.


What are the guidelines for Mobility Aid Accessibility?

BC Country buses will transport any mobility device that fits on the bus without compromising safety, damaging the bus or obstructing the aisle in a way that would prevent other passengers from safely walking past the device. Specific questions can be answered by calling the B.C. Transit office at 607.763.4464. For your safety:

  • Riders in wheelchairs or similar mobility aides must be facing forward while the bus is in motion.
  • Wheelchairs must be secured to the floor of the bus.
  • We recommend wheelchair users use seatbelts or shoulder harnesses for additional safety.

Can a guest or service animal come with me?

  • Guests may ride with you for an additional $3.50 each one way ride. When making a reservation, you will need to inform our scheduling unit that a guest will be riding with you.
  • There is no charge for your service animal to come with you.

Travel Training

How can I get more help understanding BC Transit?

  • We coordinate travel training to help you learn more about using BC Country, BC Transit fixed route service, and using other travel options. Contact our Mobility Manager for more information.
  • If we are not meeting your transportation needs, you may wish to review our Transportation Resource Directory, or contact our Mobility Manager for more assistance.


Can I ask a question?

Contact us with any questions, comments or concerns. Every reasonable effort will be made to accommodate your transportation needs.

Many questions may be answered in our BC Transit Policy Manual.

Title VI Civil Rights Protection

The Broome County Department of Public Transportation is committed to ensuring that no person on the basis of race, color, or national origin will be subjected to discrimination in the level and quality of transportation services as protected by Title VI.

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