Bus Fare

Fixed Route Rates

Upon boarding any BC Transit bus, all riders are asked to present valid fare. The following rates are for the BC Transit fixed route service. On our buses, you can use $1, $5, $10, $20 and coins in US currency only (no pennies please) to pay your one-way fare or purchase a 1 Day Pass. Bus passes and ride cards can be purchased at the BC Junction Office, ticket vending machine, or a retail outlet found below. If you are making a bulk order for an organization, please contact our BC Transit Administration office at 607.763.4464 at least 2 days in advance.

Fare Type Price
Standard Cash Fare (one-way) $2.00
Reduced Cash Fare (one-way) ::READ MORE:: $1.00
Children under 5 (accompanied by an adult) Free
22 Single Ride Card Packet $40.00
11 Two Ride Card Packet $40.00
12 Ride Pass (Only at Weis Markets) $20.00
31 Day Unlimited Pass  $70.00
31 Day Unlimited Reduced ::READ MORE:: $44.00
31 Day Unlimited Student ::READ MORE:: $44.00
7 Day Unlimited Pass $25.00
1 Day Unlimited  Pass (also sold on the bus) $5.00


The GoPass is our newest payment system.  Regular fare paying customers may have their pass on the GoPass app or on the GoPass smart card.  Reduced rate customers have the GoPass only on the smart card. 

Try our new GoPass smartphone app  ::READ MORE::

Try our new GoPass smart card  ::READ MORE::

Determining Your Best Fare Option

BC Transit has several bus pass and fare options. Cash fare is best suited for a quick and easy fare option. Ride cards are a pay as you go option for occasional riders. Unlimited passes are best for frequent riders. If you need help determining which one is best for you, please contact our Mobility Manager at 607.763.4464 or via email.

Bulk Orders

If you are placing a large order on behalf of an organization, please contact us 607.763.4464 or email us. We will be happy to discuss options which may be best for you.

Bus Pass and Ride Card Retailers

BC Transit has several area locations to get your bus passes, ride cards and bus schedules. If you are an organization making an order in bulk, please contact our BC Transit Administration office at 607.763.4464 at least 2 days in advance. Our products can be found at:

*At Wegmans you can purchase 31 Day Regular, 31 Day Student, and 7 Day unlimited passes only.

You can also purchase rides on our reloadable GoPass card  ::READ MORE::

Paratransit Rates

BC Lift, BC Country and the OFA Mini-Bus will have the following rates:

Fare Type Price
BC Lift ::READ MORE:: $3.00
BC Country ::READ MORE:: $3.50
BC Country - Persons with Disabilities ::READ MORE:: $2.50
OFA Mini Bus for persons 60 + ::READ MORE:: No charge


When you board any BC Transit fixed route bus, you will need to pay for your ride. 

Our bus fareboxes will accept $1, $5, $10, $20 and coins in US currency only (no pennies please). If you pay more that the required amount, you will be given a non refundable change card good for you next ride(s). You may request a free transfer if you are going directly from one bus to another to complete your one-way trip.

Reduced cash fare is available for persons with disabilities, individuals 65 and older, Medicare card holders, BC Lift card holders, and US military veterans.  You must present a qualifying a card to be eligible. ::READ MORE::


BC Transit Fare Policies

Please review some of our fare policies:

  • All customers must pay fare, use a ride card or bus pass upon boarding. Children under 5 are not required to pay when accompanied by an adult.
  • Unlimited use passes cannot be shared among other riders. One bus pass is allowed per person.
  • BC Transit does not issue refunds or accept returns on bus passes or ride cards after purchase.
  • Transfers are good to continue a one-way trip.  They cannot be used for a return or round trip.  
  • More information can be found in our Policy and Procedure Manual, section 1.6