Reduced Rate Information (Fixed Route)

To get a reduced rate, please show one of the following cards before inserting money in the farebox or purchasing your bus pass:

ADA Card

BC Lift Registered Users

BC Lift riders will receive an ADA card with their eligibility letter. A black card indicates a permanent disablity and a red ADA card indicates a temporary disability and will have an expiration date. ::READ MORE::

Medicare Card

Medicare Card

Medicare is a federal program for Americans age 65 and over. People with certain disabilities or illnesses may also qualify. ::READ MORE::

Persons with Disabilities

Persons with Disabilities

Persons with disabilities may obtain a card through the Broome County Security Division located at 44 Hawley St, Binghamton, NY. You may obtain a card Monday-Wednesday from 8AM to 12PM . Please bring proof of your disability and a photo identification. ::READ MORE::

OFA Card

Office for Aging Card

If you are age 65 or over, contact the Broome County Office for Aging and ask for a yellow OFA ID card. Please note persons age 60 to 64 will receive a blue card and may ride paying standard rates on the fixed route system. ::READ MORE::

Veterans Card

Broome County Veterans ID Card

Please visit the Broome County Clerk to obtain a Veterans Discount Program card. ::READ MORE::


Broome County Students

Students attending an accredited school in Broome County may qualify for reduced rates on bus passes only. We do not offer half cash fare for students. ::READ MORE::