Student Information

Broome County Transit is proud to serve area students.  Whether you go to Binghamton High School, Binghamton University, Broome Community College or Davis College, we're confident that you find that WE GO WHERE YOU GO!

Binghamton University Card Holders

Beginning Monday, November 7,2022 a new ID scanning system will be implemented on BC Transit buses. All students, faculty and staff using BC Transit buses must scan a valid and active Binghamton University ID to ride. Inactive, suspended or expired cards will not be accepted.

Current Binghamton University students, faculty and staff are able to ride BC Transit buses at no charge with the scan of an active ID. If you experience an issue that you feel is in error, please contact the BU ID Card office located in the Admissions Center Building, Room 112.

Binghamton City School District

Students using an authorized valid Binghamton High School identification card obtained through the school district office may ride for free when traveling to and from school only. Service to B.H.S. is noted on each of the following schedules:

About BHS Student Passes:

Binghamton High School students who are eligible for transportation services through the school district may ride between their home and Binghamton High School between the hours of 5:25 AM to 6:00 PM when school is in session.
When traveling from BHS to their place of residence students must board at the following stops:
1)     Inbound 35 stop at Main St and Oak St 
2)     Outbound  35 stop at Main St and Oak St
3)     Outbound 15 stop at Oak St and Main St.
4)     Outbound 7 stop at Front St and North St. Transfer ticket required to go to Outbound 17 to BOCES and Ely Park.
5)     Outbound 8 stop at Front St and North St. 
Students involved with extra-curricular activities after 6:00 PM are required to obtain a special sticker to be placed on their pass by school administration.  These students may board the bus at other school district locations (McArthur, East Middle, etc). 
Students involved with activities going beyond the school day are permitted to ride beyond the hours identified above while school is in session only. Students who attempt to board when school is not in session (i.e. snow days, holidays, vacations) will have to pay full fare, use a BC Transit issued pass, or a ride card. School administration will notify BC Transit of special extra-curricular activities as circumstances warrant. 
Seton Catholic students who board at Chestnut/Main may have to transfer to another bus.  Students must show their current school ID when boarding.  

Broome-Tioga Boces

Student eligible to purchase a student pass if they attend school full time. Routes serving Broome Tioga BOCES are:

Binghamton University

Students ride any fixed route bus with a  valid student identification card.  Routes serving Binghamton University:

SUNY Broome

Students ride with a valid student identification card.  Identification cards may be used on the fixed route service only.  Routes serving SUNY Broome are:

Johnson City Schools

Students are eligible to purchase a student pass with school ID.  The route serving Johnson City Schools on Reynolds Rd is: