17 Johnson City Monday-Friday


6 AM - 7:50 AM  
Outbound Inbound
BU Admissions Main& Ave B   Prospect& Glenwood Legacy Bay   Legacy Bay Prospect& Glenwood   Main& Willow BU
A B   C D   D C   B A
--- ---   ---   V 6:00a 6:05a W 6:15a 6:25a
6:00a 6:10a W 6:15a 6:25a   6:25a 6:30a W 6:40a 6:50a
7:00a 7:10a W 7:15a 7:25a   7:25a 7:30a W 7:40a 7:50a
8:00a 8:10a W ODM JC   JC ODM W 8:40a 8:50a
9:10 AM - 8:30 PM
Notes BU Admissions Oakdale Mall/ Wegmans Main& Willow BU
  A E B A
  9:10a 9:20a 9:30a 9:45a
  9:50a 10:00a 10:10a 10:25a
  10:30a 10:40a 10:50a 11:05a
JC 11:10a 11:20a 11:30a 11:45a
  11:50p 12:00p 12:10p 12:25p
  12:30p 12:40p 12:50p 1:05p
  1:10p 1:20p 1:30p 1:45p
  1:50p 2:00p 2:10p 2:25p
  2:30p 2:40p 2:50p 3:05p
  3:10p 3:20p 3:30p 3:45p
  3:50p 4:00p 4:10p 4:25p
  4:30p 4:40p 4:50p 5:05p
  5:10p 5:20p 5:30p 5:45p
  5:50p 6:00p 6:10p 6:25p
  6:30p 6:40p 6:50p 7:05p
  7:30p 7:40p 7:50p 8:05p
  8:30p 8:40p 8:50p 9:05p


Outbound/Inbound: Shows direction of travel. The outbound 17 bus travels from Binghamton University(A) to Legacy Bay Apts (D). The inbound 17 will travel in the opposite direction from Legacy Bay (D) to Binghamton University (A). [Read more about reading BC Transit schedules]

A, B, C etc: Shows time point bus stops along the route. The bus will not leave time point until the time listed.

---: No service provided at time point

V: Please note at 6 AM, this bus will also serve Willow Point Nursing Center, Commerce Rd, and N. Jensen Rd in Vestal on request

W: From 6 AM to 7:50 AM, this bus will serve the Johnson City Walmart. Passengers traveling to Prospect St and Glenwood Rd, must wait at the outbound stop nearer the Visions FCU. Passengers traveling to Main St, Floral Ave, Binghamton University must wait at the inbound stop near the CFJ Park

ODM: The 8:00 AM bus will depart BU, travel on Floral Ave to Main/Willow, serve the Johnson City Walmart, proceed on Harry L Dr to the Oakdale Mall and return to BU following this route in reverse order. Johnson City Middle and High Schools are served on request upon leaving the Oakdale Mall at 8:30 AM.

Broome Developmental Center & BOCES are served after leaving Legacy Bay. See the 7 Clinton St schedule for more service on Glenwood Rd

JC: At 8:30 AM and 11:10 AM this bus will serve the Johnson City Middle and High Schools. Passengers requesting service may ask the driver or call 607.778.1692 thirty (30) minutes or more before pick-up.