28 Robinson St Monday-Friday


Monday-Friday 5:30 AM-6:00 PM
BC Junction Carlisle Apts GBH Center Carlisle Apts BC Junction
--- --- 5:25a 5:30a 5:40a
5:50a 6:00a 6:10a --- 6:25
6:30a 6:40a 6:50a RBN 7:05a
BHS --- 7:10a 7:20a BHS
7:10a 7:20a 7:30a RBN 7:45a
BHS --- 7:40a 7:50a BHS
7:50a 8:00a 8:10a CRT 8:25a
8:30a 8:40a 8:50a RBN 9:05a
9:10a 9:20a 9:30a CRT 9:45a
9:50a 10:00a 10:10a RBN 10:25a
10:30a 10:40a 10:50a CRT 11:05a
11:10a 11:20a 11:30a RBN 11:45a
11:50a 12:00p 12:10p CRT 12:25p
12:30p 12:40p 12:50p RBN 1:05p
1:10p 1:20p 1:30p CRT 1:45p
1:50p 2:00p 2:10p RBN 2:25p
2:30p 2:40p 2:50p CRT 3:05p
BHS 3:00p 3:10p --- ---
3:10p 3:20p 3:30p RBN 3:45p
3:50p 4:00p 4:10p CRT 4:25p
4:30p 4:40p 4:50p RBN 5:05
5:10p 5:20p 5:30p RBN 5:45p
6:00p 6:10p 6:20p RBN 6:35p
12/28/40 Combo Monday-Friday Evening 7 PM - 9:55 PM
BC Junction Saratoga Apts Carlisle Apts GBH Center Bing Plaza Old State Rd Chenango & Nowlan BC Junction
Rt 12 Rt 12 Rt 28 Rt 28 Rt 40 Rt 40 Rt 40  
7:00p 7:10p 7:20p --- 7:30p --- 7:40p 7:55p
8:00p 8:10p 8:20p 8:30p 8:40p 8:45p --- 8:55p
9:00p 9:10p 9:20p --- 9:30p 9:35p --- ---
9:45p R R --- --- --- --- ---


A, B, C etc: Shows time point bus stops along the route. The bus will not leave time point until the time listed.

---: No service provided at time point

RBN: Bus will serve Robinson St after leaving time-point at GBH Center and continue to BC Junction.

CRT: Bus will serve Upper Court St between Century Dr and Griswold St after leaving time-point at GBH Center.

BHS: Provides service to Binghamton High School when in session.

  • The 7:10 AM and 7:40 AM buses will service Binghamton High School when school is open. Students will arrive at 7:30 AM and 8:00 AM. All riders are welcome.
  • At 3:10 PM (except on Wednesday) the bus departs from Binghamton High School. *Wednesday departure is 2:35 PM, departing Carlisle Apts at 2:45 PM and GBHC at 2:55 PM. Binghamton High School service is only available when school is having regular classes, September through June. All riders welcome.
  • See Binghamton School Calendar

G: Bus returns to Garage

R: Service to time point is on request.

(12/28/40): Routes are combined during extended services