40/8 Combo Sunday Outbound


  BC Junction Bing Plaza SUNY Broome Park & Ride
  A   C D
(40/8) 10:00a 10:05a 10:10a 10:30a
(40/8) 11:00a 11:05a 11:10a 11:30a
(40/8) 12:00p 12:05p 12:10p 12:30p
(40/8) 1:00p 1:05p 1:10p 1:30p
(40/8) 2:00p 2:05p 2:10p 2:30p
(40/8) 3:00p 3:05p 3:10p 3:30p
(40/8) 4:00p 4:05p 4:10p 4:30p
(40/8) 5:00p 5:05p 5:10p 5:25p


Outbound: Shows direction of travel. The outbound 40/8 combo, travels from the BC Junction (A) to the Chenango Park & Ride (D). [Read more about reading BC Transit schedules]

A, B, C: Shows time point bus stops along the route. The bus will not leave time point until the time listed.

---: No service provided at time point

(40/8): Bus departs BC Junction as a 40 Chenango St, going north on Chenango St, turning left on Bevier St to right on Front St, resuming the outbound 8 route. There is no regular outbound 8 service between BC Junction and the stop at Franklin St. On request, this bus will serve River Rd, N Wisconsin Dr, Hodge Rd, and Poplar Hill Rd.