57 Shoppers Special Monday-Friday


BC Junc Lrds Hosp   Digman Town Sq Mall Mo-
  Lrds Hosp BC Junc
A B   C D C   B A
7:10a 7:15a U 7:25a 7:35a 7:50a U 8:00a 8:10a
7:50a 7:55a U 8:05a 8:15a 8:30a U 8:40a 8:50a
8:30a 8:35a U 8:45a 8:55a 9:10a U 9:20a 9:30a
9:10a 9:15a U 9:25a 9:35a 9:50a U 10:00a 10:10a
9:50a 9:55a U 10:05a 10:15a 10:30a U 10:40a 10:50a
10:30a 10:35a U 10:45a 10:55a 11:10a U 11:20a 11:30a
11:10a 11:15a U 11:25a 11:35a 11:50a U 12:00p 12:10p
11:50a 11:55a U 12:05p 12:15p 12:30p U 12:40p 12:50p
12:30p 12:35p U 12:45p 12:55p 1:10p U 1:20p 1:30p
1:10p 1:15p U 1:25p 1:35p 1:50p U 2:00p 2:10p
1:50p 1:55p U 2:05p 2:15p 2:30p U 2:40p 2:50p
2:30p 2:35p U 2:45p 2:55p 3:10p U 3:20p 3:30p
3:10p 3:15p U 3:25p 3:35p 3:50p U 4:00p 4:10p
3:50p 3:55p U 4:05p 4:15p 4:30p U 4:40p 4:50p
4:30p 4:35p U 4:45p 4:55p 5:10p U 5:20p 5:30p
5:10p 5:15p U 5:25p 5:35p 5:50p - 6:00p 6:10p
6:00p 6:05p U 6:15p 6:25p - - 6:40p 6:50p
7:00p 7:05p U 7:15p 7:25p - - 7:40p 7:50p


A, B, C etc: Shows time point bus stops along the route. The bus will not leave time point until the time listed.

U: The bus will serve UHS Vestal