3 Park Ave Monday-Friday


BC Junction Ross Park Zoo General Hospital BC Junction Notes
A B C A  
--- 6:15a 6:20a 6:30a ---
6:30a 6:40a 6:45a 6:55a ---
7:10a 7:20a 7:25a 7:35a BHS
7:50a 8:00a 8:05a 8:15a BHS
8:30a 8:40a 8:45a 8:55a  
9:10a 9:20a 9:25a 9:35a  
9:50a 10:00a 10:05a 10:10a  
11:10a 11:20a 11:25a 11:35a  
12:30a 12:40a 12:45a 12:55a  
1:50p 2:00p 2:05p 2:15p  
BHS (3:00p) (3:05p) ---  
3:10p 3:20p 3:25p 3:35p  
3:50p 4:00p 4:05p 4:15p  
4:30p 4:40p 4:45p 4:55p  
5:10p 5:20p 5:25p 5:35p  
6:00p 6:10p 6:15p 6:25p  


A, B, C etc: Shows time point bus stops along the route. Match the letters on the time table to the letters on the map. The bus will not leave the time point until the time listed.

---: No service at time point.

BHS: Provides service to Binghamton High School when in session.

  • Our 7:10 and 7:50 outbound will service Binghamton High School on request when school is open. All riders are welcome.
  • At 2:50 PM the bus departs BHS, continuing on Main St to Court St, to right on State St to Conklin Ave Exit, following the regular 3 Park Ave route directions, except for turning left on Vestal Ave from Park Ave. This bus will not go to the BC Junction. All riders are welcome.
  • See Binghamton School Calendar